The Shape Of Things To Come

November 6, 2008 at 1:53 AM | Posted in Political | Leave a comment
  For my father’s sake, I’m glad he’s no longer with us.  My dad was a lifelong Democrat.  A Teamster, too.  Pro-union as all get-out.  Decided he was a liberal when the Democratic party became more and more liberal.  Called himself a progressive, without really knowing what it was.
  He passed away before Obama was really a contender in the election–just one of a handful of faces, and not really a standout.  But during this election, he would have had to–
  You know, I don’t know what my dad would have done.  He’s a Democrat, sure.  But he’s also an old school racist.  Would he vote for Obama?  Would he vote for McCain for his self-respect but hope Obama wins?  Or vice versa?  Although I would much rather that he still be here, this is the one bright side I can look at.

  Look, I’m not a political maven by any means.  But I read, I watch, and I pay attention.  These are some of my conclusions:
  FACT:  The media is liberally biased.  The only way you cannot understand this is if you are like Keith Olbermann, or The Dude–my friend Karl.  In each case, they are so far to the left that not only is EVERYTHING, even liberals, too right-wing for them, but they are going to fall off one day and come back around on the other side, like Pac Man.  This is a fact.  If you disagree, you are wrong, and stupid, and brainwashed.  What, you don’t want to believe it, so it isn’t true?  Even though the actual facts have proven it?  Independent studies, facts. opinion polls, plus just plain observation mean nothing to your firmly held "beliefs"?
  A corollary to this is that FOX news actually *IS* fair and balanced.  They have both conservative and liberal commentators, and they show both sides.  The fact that all the rest of the media–that is biased to the left–called FOX biased to the right should be a telling indicator to anyone with half a brain.  That is, anyone who is not a liberal.  Go ahead and scream.  Or mock me because you *know* you are right.  Whatever.  Since you can’t show me any proof to the contrary, all you have is your angry diatribe.  Shouldn’t that go away now that you have won?
  Oh, I get it.  It’s not enough for you to win.  You also want to change my mind.  You want me to believe as you do, because it’s more comforting that way.  Sorry.  I have independent thought.
Oh, by the way…
  Obama outspent McCain 600 million to 86 million, going back on his promise not to take public money.  Plus, he appeared on over 50 magazine covers, including Time six times.  When was the last cover McCain was on?  The one where the "artist" intentionally lit him poorly to make him look evil.  The late night talk shows made fun of McCain/Palin over Obama/Biden 7 to 1.  Seven to one, people.  All of that, and he won the popular vote by…a margin that would be considered close if McCain had won.  I’m just proud that Obama didn’t win Missoura.  Fat lot of good it did me.
  FACT:  Neither party, and neither candidate, are as evil as they are made out to be.  Listen, assholes:  The standard tack of the liberals is to demonize any conservative as Stupid or Liberal.  Reagan was stupid.  Cheney is evil.  Bush is stupid.  Palin is stupid.  These are out-right lies.  
  The vicious attacks on Palin while Obama (and Biden) got a complete pass from the media was not lost on everyone.  Some people are finally starting to notice, even though it may be too late.
  Of course, neither of them (the parties) are as perfect as the believers would believe them to be.  My friend Karl calls this evil, and corrupt, and "a conspiracy."  I call it the way of the world.  You can’t please everyone.  Based on some of the whacked out beliefs that most people have, that is for the best. 
  There are going to be some hardcore whacked out left wing commie pinko fag junkie socialists retards who are going to call Obama a sell-out when he doesn’t exactly harken to their agenda.  I hope, anyway.  These are the ones who are too stupid and self-absorbed to realize that:
  A)  what they think and what they want are both wrong and stupid
  B)  right-thinking, lucid people have a better understanding of how the world works and don’t feel the way they (the nutjobs) do
  C)  in the real world, compromises have to be made; you can’t just run off and throw a fit, Al Franken.
  D)  the utopia you envision won’t happen, because SOMEONE has to work
  FACT:  What Obama really wants, what he believes in, is socialism.  Marxism.  In his actions, his speeches, his teachings, his associations, and the books he has written all support this. [And Christ in a Bolshevik sidecar:  WHO writes their autobiography in their twenties?  Is he one of the Olsen twins?  Who is that conceited?]
  I can’t believe how many people out there are *for* socialism.  Idealistic morons who have never had a job.  If you don’t understand how the world really works, and how people really are, then you will never understand why socialism will never work.  Here it is, in a nutshell.
  Basically, you want me to work so you can sit on your ass.  If I see this happening, I’m going to start shooting some fucking socialists.  Sitting targets are easy.

  My friend The Dude is a liberal, and I’m sure he’s gloating.  Plus, waiting for the freebies and handouts that Obama has promised him.  He laughed at me.  But before the election I said, "Dude, for me it’s a win-win."
  "How’s that?"
  "Well, if McCain wins, the Republicans have the white house, thank God, instead of a socialist.  If Obama wins, when civilization is destroyed I can say ‘nyah-nyah–told you so.’  So either way, I win."
  Kids, we’re in for some tough times ahead.  Of course, all the bad things that happen will be blamed on Bush for a long, long time.  More than that though, the same people who were bashing Bush, McCain, Palin, and any other Republican with unprecedented harshness and glee while standing behind the 1st amendment will now [and I’m not kidding here] defend Obama’s every move and try to silence every critic *for the good of the country.*
  It won’t be the government doing it, but the fanatic supporters, and the media will squelch with loudness, fear, intimidation, and even violence anyone who deigns to disagree with the Great One.  It won’t be the Obama administration, but they will be complicit.  They will silently support it.  That’s how it starts.
  Welcome to your new fascist state.

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