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November 11, 2008 at 1:19 AM | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment
  I always wondered why my blog isn’t more widely read.  I think there are a number of issues, marketing being one of them.  I’m going to deal with that at some point, but unlike MSNBC and their ratings, I decided to also take a look at my content.
  There are a few websites that I like to read, and just now I realized that maybe I should look at what attracts me to them.  One thing that does is the fact that the writing is fairly consistent–and on topic.  Now, I cover a wide range of topics, from foodservice to politics to sociopathology to prehistoric tool-making. 
  I think that part is fine–diversity.  Consider my blog a variety show, like Jack Parr or Laugh-in, or Sonny and Cher.  Or Sixty Minutes–that show is a riot.
  What I did notice, however, is that within one blog entry–one article, if you will–I would often diverge wildly off-topic, sometimes not even sticking to the topic category.  Now, that’s just sloppy.  ADD or not, I have to st–
  Shit, what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah–staying on topic.  Generally when I have a story to tell, I have *A* story to tell.  If I have several, I need to separate them out.  And sometimes, all I have is short, anecdotal snippets of conversation, thought, and occurrences.  If you noticed of late, I’ve had more entries, many on the same day.  That’s going to be my theme, I think.
  So, to recap:

  Shorter articles, on topic.
  That may mean more articles, if necessary, and even multiples on the same day.
  Other types of articles filled with short anecdotes will be easily identifiable.  Perhaps I’ll even add that category:  Anecdotes.
  Notice how this article and the last one both managed to stay on topic?  And they were short.  That may not be a coincidence.

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