Something Wicked This Way Comes

November 18, 2008 at 1:06 AM | Posted in The Corporate World | Leave a comment
  This is not good.  Not good at all…
  I took off two days from my day job and made a four-day weekend.  Ostensibly to get some home improvement projects done.  The weather was semi-cooperative, and so I did get done most of what I wanted to accomplish.
  I came back to working expecting (hoping) to find alot of work waiting for me.  And–no such luck.  The mortgage business, she is shaky now, yes?  Much going on, most of which I don’t understand and don’t want to.  What I do see is that my usefulness here is limited.  Add to the mix:  the consumer department provides half of my work.  One girl moved away to be married, one girl moved to another department–these are the processors.  One of the consumer LOs is moving to a different department after this week–servicing, of all things.  What’s left is my friend Kim, a dude named Scott, and Dawn.
  So half the department is gone and most of the work is gone.  Where does that leave me?
  I’ve tried to make myself more useful around here.  I took on more responsibility, servicing the equipment on this floor.  I’ll blow anything if it means keeping my job…
  In less than a month–I hope–I intend to have my HELOC refinanced into a mortgage at the new house.  Until then, I need to keep this job.  After that, I need to keep this job, or
  My options are:  find a new job here, or get another job.  I have a few options, I hope.  Most of them revolve around foodservice.  My friend Kim (Bunny)’s husband Scott, my old boss from the steak restaurant, just got a job as food sales rep.  She said that he said that they are hiring, and looking for people with restaurant management experience, and experience cutting meat.  That would be me.
  At Domino’s, the driver Mike’s wife Bridget works at a big restaurant, and I could talk to her about an in as manager.  I suppose there are other restaurants as well…And then I’d end up back in food, and end up back to losing my weekends.
  Of course, as a very last resort, I could do full time at Domino’s.  God do I hate the idea of that.  They pay for shit, and expect the world out of you.  Any of these other opportunities–hell, I could check out Papa John’s or Pizza Hut and I know they pay more.  Because the bottom line is, I’d need ONE restaurant job to pay what I make on two, because I wouldn’t have time to work two jobs.

  So we head into winter, the slow time in this already slow business leading the way in this slow economy, and I need to hang on for at least a month.  I need to get on the ball and get this shit done to the houses, I need to get them inspected, I need to get my loan together and get it done, I need to verify that all my credit is fixed.
  And then I need to be ready to get another job.
  Detroit says this happens every year, and I get scared I’m going to lose my job this time of year *EVERY* year.  But this is different.  This time…

  It could happen.


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