A River Runs Through It

November 21, 2008 at 1:29 AM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  My Infamous Ex, The Storm, will be–hopefully–closing on her refinance in the next few days or so.  I say "hopefully" because if it’s something I want, something that will help me, then chances are it won’t go according to plan.  For instance, earlier this year when I refinanced my Home equity line of credit (hereinafter refered to as "refied my heloc,") I had to do quit claim deeds on the two properties.  One for her quitting on mine, and one for me quitting on hers.
  For both of them, I simply made up the docs in Word.  Since I have access to all these documents like this, it was easy for me to copy wording, style, layout, et cetera.  I even had the legal descriptions of the properties available to me, since both the loans originated here.
  The problem, however, was with the property in Troy–our brand-spankin’-new house.  The legal description I used was wrong because it changed.  How can I explain this without boring you with insignificant details?  Hmmm.  Don’t think I can, so here goes:  The property we bought was basically two lots, but actually three separate pieces of property.  It was (and still is) over half an acre.  Man, I’m glad I don’t have to cut that shit anymore.
  The property is two lots plus a small section in back that is nominally a conservation area that has a creek running through it.  That property was supposed to be deeded to us, with certain provisos.  It was ours, but we couldn’t build on it or otherwise develop it.  We did, however, have to maintain it, remove brush, keep the creek running clear and so forth.
  But it was all under development.  Ultimately the builder did redraw it to include that.  The original legal description on our loan when we bought it did not include it, and that’s the one I used.  During some sort of discovery phase of her refi, someone found out.  So the new loan has the new legal on it.  And I have to do a new quit claim to correct the old quit.  This is called a Scrivener’s Affidavit.
  I talked to Carol, the head of our Title Company here.  She said, "Well, who prepared the original doc?"
  "Oh, that was me."  She seemed amazed.  I’m no lawyer, but I do know how to copy and paste.  She wrote down what I needed to do to fix it, to write a new one.  I made up the new one using the old one I had saved, and had her check it.  Impressed, she was.  Digging, I try to expand my horizons.  "You know, I don’t want to scan forever…"
  With the new deed signed and notarized, now I get to bring it up to Lincoln County Friday.  Well, I was going up anyway, and so volunteered.  It’s work related, so I get to leave even earlier and get paid for it.  Miranda has her follow up appointment for spraining her knee, so I was leaving at one.  Now I leave at noon.
  As an added bonus, I don’t work at Domino’s Friday night.  So not only do I have some of Friday off, but I’ll have all day Saturday–I won’t waste half the day sleeping.  Instead, I’ll waste half the day working on the houses.  Wait, I mean–

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