As We Stroll Along…

December 27, 2008 at 9:51 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Walkin in a Winter Wonderland.
  Well, the bluebird of happiness didn’t shiv me this year on Christmas like he has in years past.
  My daughter stayed with me from Saturday to Wednesday, so even though I worked a couple of days in there I still had her for a while.  I took her home Christmas Eve, and on the way we stopped at a few stores and got her Christmas presents.  Yeah, it wasn’t traditional, but she got what she wanted.  Also picked up a little something for my son, their mother, and Detroit.  Done.
  After I dropped her off, I went up to Walmart, where my son works.  He wasn’t there.  He was actually on break in the back, so I didn’t see him.  I called him, and we talked for a few.  He needs help with a car thing, and I told him I could help…so I hope I can.  I went home and what did I do? 
  Not much of anything, actually.  I got on the computer a little, visited with Detroit’s parents a little (a very little, according to her) and we watched TV and went to bed.  In the morning we got up, and Detroit’s dad went with me to get coffee and donuts.  Coffee for me; we have a coffee maker that worked for them, but I don’t use it for coffee.  I use it for tea.  I don’t have the stuff at home to make coffee that I like.  Maybe I should?
  We drove to Old Towne Donuts.  I didn’t hold out much hope that it would be open, but we had to try.  As we approached, the parking lot looked empty.  Optimistically, I figured *maybe no one knows they’re open*.  Hell, the open sign was on.  The door was locked.  No donut for you!
  I like the guy who runs the place, so I’m glad he closed the place and took the day off, him and his family.  Pa and I drove to Quik Trip.  On the way, we did a drive-by on a house that we had been interested in:  a historic home in Olde Towne.  The house is easily over a hundred years old, brick, two-story.  It was going to need way more work than I could afford to do, and that was probably the reason the deal fell through for many other people who looked at it.
  But now, when we drove by, we could tell that someone had taken an interest.  The vines growing up one side of the house were gone, and much of the brush and excess timber growth was cleared out, and a crappy fence had been removed.  There was firewood neatly stacked at the side of the house.
  No curtains in the windows, so no one was living in it yet.  But we could see tell-tale indicators that work was being done.  Good for them.  After they get it finished, I have a couple of different strategies:  either kill them and take the house, or befriend them and come over to visit alot.  It’s a fine line…
  Back home, we didn’t do much on Christmas–or I didn’t.  Kim did all the cookin, and then we et, and then someone else besides me cleaned up while I napped on the couch.  It was a good day.

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