Deja Vu All Over Again. Again.

January 6, 2009 at 1:38 AM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  Look back at January of last year, and there, in print on this blog is where I reluctantly paddled up shit creek and into Domino’s Pizza yet again.  Now for something completely different.
  I’m not leaving Domino’s, at least not yet.  But I am going to do what I did last year, temporarily–I’m picking up another second job, for a total of three.
  Logically, one might question the necessity.  This option is not really a necessity, it’s just the way I’ve approached the problem.  I *could* have just picked up more hours at Domino’s–but I can barely stand to work there as much as I do now.  Also, it’s a matter of money:  they are paying me a pittance.
  They are paying me to show up, and nothing else.  Barely that, in fact.  Any work I do is extra.  So picking up more hours from them I liken to sticking the index finger of my left hand into the planer to shave it off bit by bit for the purpose of making it even with the index finger of my right hand that I cut off with the table saw.  I’d be moving backwards, not progressing.  And it would be painful and very, very stupid.
  What the hell can I do?
  Saturday my friend Bunny and her husband, the Big Lebowski, stopped by with my Christmas present.  The Big L and I talked a bit, and he mentioned his part time job.  Ever since he closed the restaurant, he had been looking for work.  After a fashion, he did find something. He does have a day job now, with good potential, but before he nailed that down, he got another job, which is his part time gig:
  Pizza delivery.
  Wait, Bryan, didn’t you do that already?  And with the car you drive, you didn’t want to do it?  And if you did, couldn’t you just do it where you are currently?
  Well, Denise Richards, it’s complicated.
  If I go back to just delivering here, I can’t get as many hours as I want, or the specific hours I want.  Plus, to make any money, I have to work till close, which I already do.  Why bother?
  I’m tied into running shifts.  They aren’t going to want to let me go to delivery that easily.  Once they suck you in, they don’t want to let you go.
  The big thing is the money and the hours.
  The place The Big L works is a local company, but big.  They are responsible for the "St Louis Style" pizza being a thin crust.  Kind of a laid back place–I seem to find those places rather handily, don’t you think?
  They don’t pay the drivers by the hour.  They get a bank of twenty bucks, which they get to keep, and they get the delivery charge (2.50, I think) and they get tips.  Even in the semi-crappy area that The Big L works in, he manages to knock down some decent cash.
  Not being paid by the hour means that you don’t have to do anything in the store.  NOTHING.  I can hang with that.
  They also close earlier, too.  There’s a big difference between 11pm and midnight, especially when the difference between getting home is 11:20 and 1 AM.
  As for the car, I realized driving home one night that, while it is a Mercedes, it is ten years old.  I looked around the dirty and trashed interior, and the indicator that shows how far past due I am on an oil change.  Trust me, you don’t want to know.  Me driving a luxury car is like John Holmes with a virgin:
  It’s painful and harsh, and there’s no way to recover from it.
  So why not deliver in it?  It gets good mileage, and I’d rather do that than anything else, really.
  But wait, Bryan–this does sound good.  Why not just go there, and quit Domino’s?
  That–is an excellent question.  There are a couple o’ reasons:
  Firstly, and most logically, I want to try it out before I full commit.  I want to make sure I can make some decent money there.
  Also, they may not be able to give me the hours I need just yet.  I want to stick my toes in the pizza before I dive into the sauce, if you know what I mean.
  I have been at Domino’s (this time around) for what will be one year on January 16th.  That means that I can count this income on a loan app for this complicated refinance deal I’m working on.  I could squeak by on my first job income, but it’s nice to have some back-up power.  Makes it look better.
  And finally–sadly, pathetically–I have a loyalty, a kinship.  Not with the big Domino’s mega-complex, but with the people I work.  They are going to need to replace me, and it won’t be easy.  The manager works days, and closes on the weekends.  She has her kids during the week, so she rolls out early during the week.  Me and Stan close during the week, and while Stan is a nice guy, he puts the funk in dysfunctional.  The guys would rather close with me because I’m not a basket case that you have to tiptoe around.  If I am, they haven’t told me.  I wonder…?
  But while the money is shitty, I like the people.  I’m going to have quit it eventually, and when the final papers are signed on the final loan, that’s when my days at Domino’s will be numbered.  I want to give them plenty of time to find someone.  I worry about them.
  Or, what if I don’t like the other gig?  I’m not telling anyone, in case it doesn’t work out.

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