Lost And Found Update

January 13, 2009 at 9:47 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Since we moved right before Christmas, I haven’t been able to find my alarm clock.  I thought that was the only thing missing, the only casualty of war.
  As it turns out, however, the alarm clock was *NOT* the only thing missing. It was just the only thing I was looking for.  Of course we found the alarm clock (Detroit did, it was in the basement in her son’s room in stuff he had yet to unpack).  Now that the alarm clock has been found, I’ve been on another quest.  My laptop.
  I have a real computer–actually Detroit’s old one.  I got her a laptop for her birthday one year, which was just as much a gift for me as it was for her.  It useta be, in the olden days, one computer was enough for a whole family.  Hell, one computer used to be enough for a whole college campus.
  So I have her old desktop, to which I have added more RAM and a shiny DVD burner, plus some new speakers, a big-ass monitor and lots of cookies from porn sites.  But I have a laptop, also.  It’s a crappy little thing that I bought used from somebody I worked with at Scooter’s many a year ago.  The guy was a dick, and a Wiccan.  I don’t think being a Wiccan made him a dick, but the fact that he was a dick made him a dick about being a Wiccan, because he was a dick about everything.
  He shows me the laptop, let’s me turn it on, try it out, look through the settings to see the specs and so forth.  Then he says that it’s not actually THIS one, but another one, exactly like it.  I said okay.  He brings it in, and then I go through the process of discovery over the course of a few days while he quits and moves away.
  This laptop is the exact same make and model and everything, but there is a problem:  the socket to add RAM is not working.  It takes a while to figure it out as I try different RAM sticks.  Nothing.  So all the RAM it has is 32 MB.  For those of you not tech savvy, most computers nowadays have the equivalent of 1000 or 2000 MB.
  Your XP and vista and other Operating systems won’t run on 32 MB.  Hell, they won’t even install with this little RAM.  But I have Win 2000.  W2K will run on 32 megs of RAM.  It runs slowly–you can see the curtain come down on the screen as it pages through memory–but it runs.  So what can I do with it?  Not a whole helluva lot.  Not to mention that like most laptops of a certain age the battery went south long ago, so what good is it?
  I can do some word processing on it.
  Hey, idn’t dat what I be doin now?  Yes, yes it is.
  It occurred to me recently that with all of the down time I have at Domino’s (generally two or three hours out of an eight-hour shift), instead of reading a book like I have been doing, I should be writing books.  Hey, I have a laptop I could bring in, so let’s get this party started–
  Oh, shit.  Where’s the laptop?
  I’m sure it’ll turnip sooner or later.  In the meantime, I’m also looking for a few other things:  I found my drive but misplaced my creativity.  I broke my purpose but I ordered a new one off eBay; I hope I don’t get a defective one…My desire was in the bottom of the closet underneath a pile of dirty clothes, so I have it but it’s all wrinkled and smelly.  Isn’t that dry-clean only?

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