Once There Was A Way To Get Back Home

January 19, 2009 at 6:53 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  The song is just in my head, you know? 
"Boy, you’re going to carry that weight,
Carry that weight, A long time…"
   I just checked Detroit’s blog, and she did have time before we left to briefly post what had happened:  Her father passed away.  Here I am, several days later, back to report what happened.  Detroit is still in Florida.
  After the week I had at work–brother.  Wednesday when she called me, early, to say that her father was very ill and we needed to find a way down there, I was already home, because there was a problem with the computers at work.  The situation sounded dire (Detroit’s, not the one at work) and I could tell by her voice that it was time now for me to pull a miracle out of my ass.  A miracle?  Well, yes.  We have no money, we are behind on bills and so forth, and still trying to get the situation straightened out from the move.  How are we going to go to Florida?  And certainly her sons are going to want to go, and her freakin sister was here (in town, not with us) also.
  I felt a real responsibility to make this happen no matter what.  I checked with my laughable credit card first.  Although in theory I should have some credit available on it, because I had been delinquent OVER A YEAR AGO they would not release any funds, saying their rules require that I pay off the entire balance first.  Well, I have some fucking news for them:  Once I have it paid off, I’m going to another company for a credit card if I decide to get one.  And that is one big mother fucking IF.
  I considered a title loan on the truck, since it was paid.  I drove down to the local title loan place and got some information.
  And walked out of there laughing.  Laughing and thinking "You have GOT to be fucking kidding."  Why would anyone sane submit to those terms?  The lady most definitely would not out-and-out tell me the APR, but she did tell me the figures.  If I borrowed, say, 1500 dollars, it would be paid back over 24 months at 209 per month.  How much is that, kiddies?  Five grand, that’s how much.  Thirty-five hundred in interest charges.  For two years.  At least when you sell your soul to Satan, he’s a little more up front about it.  I may have his number on speed dial.
  Meanwhile I had put in some calls, among them a call to Bunny.  She is my best friend, my source of knowledge, my go-to.  If there was a way, she would have an idea.  I had in mind possibly getting a bump up in my home equity loan.  All I was needing, really, was about a grand–in the big scheme of things, that is not that much.  I explained what I had done already, told her my idea, and asked her if she had any others that I hadn’t thought of.
  To simplify things, she would just loan me the money personally, from her home equity loan.  She had it available.  In fact, she was able to deposit the money in my account for me, right there from work (it helps that we both work in a bank and we both bank there).  She was going to charge me only what the loan itself charged–call it about five bucks per month.  However, she wants it paid back in four months.
  Bunny is looking out for me.  The gist if it is, she feels that all the freeloaders I am feeding need to chip in and help pay for this.  Detroit isn’t a freeloader, but in her view, everyone else is.  Of course Brandon is, but also Alex, if he isn’t contributing to the household.  She runs her house by different rules, but I feel that if he’s young and hasn’t technically left home yet, I can’t charge rent to him.  However…it did dawn on me that if Brandon was giving me a little each month and Alex gave a little each month, maybe I wouldn’t have to work three jobs.
  Alex said–and I agree–that he shouldn’t have to pay anything until the Freeloader does.  That’s fair.  And I don’t need alot from them.  But a little each month to help fill the hole in the groceries would keep me from looking for places to dump the bodies.

  The situation with how many people we have made the decision for our mode of travel.  If it was just two people-Detroit and I–it would be a toss up between driving and flying.  But four people (or five, because of Detroit’s sister) dumped the math in the equation to driving.  So, we rented a mini-van and drove down.  We got the van Wednesday evening, picked up Detroit’s sister and came home.  We packed, we rested–I slept–And drove out about 3 AM St Louis time Thursday morning.
  Mapquested, the directions said 1150 miles, but since we were going fast, it was only 1050.  No, seriously, we did cut a hundred miles off.  I drove the first six hours, then Detroit drove about four hours while I slept about two, then I drove the rest of the way.  We got in about 9 PM St Louis time.  Now we are back.  As I said, Detroit is going to stay with her mother about a week, so I drove home with all the miscreants.  What’s today?  Monday?  We left about 6 PM (St Louis time) on Sunday after I had a nap and then we ate dinner with everyone.  I was the driver.  I drove till 3 AM, which put us north of Atlanta, and I pulled into a rest area and slept for about an hour and twenty minutes.  Thusly refreshed, we continued.  Until maybe 8 AM, and I started to get tired, so I pulled over again, this time for about 40 minutes.  It was cold and snowing.  Everyone was bundled up, and the windows were closed–and I didn’t mind.  By that time we were pretty far into Tennessee.  From there I drove straight through.  I originally estimated getting home around 1 PM.  It was actually 2.  We dropped off The Sister at her group home, although if I had to take her any further I would have left her on the side of the fucking road like a goddamn dog.  Then me and the boys came home.  I slept for about 3 hours, and then we cleaned out the van.  We’ll be taking it back soon (the rental place is at the airport, so it’s open late), after rush hour traffic.
  And that–
  That was just the trip.


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