It’s Not Easy–

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  –Being One of the Smart Ones.
  I swear to God I am not wrong on this.  Okay, this is going to get technical.  You don’t have to read this, I just have to vent a little.
  At the bank we use this program that stores all the files.  We scan them in.  That’s what I do.  After recently losing data, we have a NEW RULE:  You have to hang onto paper for two weeks before sending it for shred.  Why?  Well, it’s backed up every week, on Saturday.  So, we’d need to keep one week, right?  No.  What if the back up fails?  Then we go to the previous week’s backup.  Okay, look at a calendar with me. February, 2009, people.
  Every Monday, I would make a determination of what I could shred for that week.  I wouldn’t do it every day, just the one day.  It gets picked up on Thursday, but that’s not the point.  According to policy guidelines, "two weeks" means, for instance, on Monday the 16th, everything before the 31st can be shredded.  The rest I have to keep.  This is the policy.  This was the determination that they made.
  But why, exactly, am I keeping stuff that long?
  Leon from IT explained it to me several times, from the vantage that it made sense; obviously this is flawed.  "Do you understand now?"
  I told the truth.  "Leon, it still seems wrong and unnecessary to me.  But that doesn’t matter.  I will do as I am told."
  Not good enough for him.  He wants buy-in from me.  He explains it again.  But no, no, it does not make sense.  And he is failing to see my point.  But this is an abstract of archetype.  And it’s the difference in how we think.  I am a visual person.  When I look at it on a calendar, it seems pretty clear to me.  And I *know* that if I could just get a view graph, a projector, or a PowerPoint presentation together to explain it, he would understand.
  Or maybe not.  He is fairly linear in thought.  Hyper technical as well.  And he suffers from the–there should be a word for this because I’ve come across this several times–he can’t fathom that other people can be smarter than him–therefore I must be wrong or I misunderstand.
  Say we come in Monday, the 16th.  The two most recent backups are the 14th, and the 7th.  Say something fails on–the 18th.  Fine.  We restore from the 14th.  Rescan everything since, which would be 16-17-18.  Oh, my bad.  the tape was bad.  No problem.  We have redundancy.  I repeat:  we have redundancy.  Lets go back to the 7th and use that backup.  Then we just need to rescan From the 9th on to today–and this is beginning to be a drag.  But these docs are important.  Bank loans, mortgages, blah blah blah.  So why, then, do we need to keep all paper going back to the 31st?
  Let’s look at other days of the week, to poke holes in my thesis.  Say it failed on the 20th.  use the backup from the 14th.  It fails, use the back up from the 7th.  Aha!  At that point, we are keeping two weeks worth of paper.  No.  According to the rule, we still have everything from the feb 1st.  At that point, we have three weeks worth of paper.  We don’t dump that until the 23rd. 
  So the bottom line is, we keep AT MINIMUM two full weeks, which becomes up to three weeks’ worth when all is said and done.  All that is logistically necessary is one week’s worth, which nominally becomes 1 to 2 weeks max.  Basically, although they are saying keep enough to cover two backups what they are actually doing is requiring us to keep enough to cover three backups.  And I’m not wrong about this.
  Why does it matter?  Is it just because I want to be right?
  The difference is alot of goddamn paper stacked around the office.  Do you have any idea how much I scan in a week?  And yes, I want to be right.

  Of course, I may not tell anyone because I don’t want to step on any toes.  Or, I don’t want to lose my job because of it.  I had a brief illusion of being heralded as a hero and a great thinker, but then reality set it.


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