Doing A Solid

February 12, 2009 at 1:45 AM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  I just got a call from Dina, my manager at Domino’s.  She asked if I would be willing to pick up a shift and close tonight.  I thought about it hard, for about 3 seconds.  I need the money, and couldn’t think of a compelling reason not to.  Plus, there was a wavering in her voice…
  "Yeah, I can do that."
  She’s relieved.  I needed to show them that I’m not completely selfish.  They covered for me when I was sick, and I never heard a complaint.  I need to be able to reciprocate, and show that it’s no big deal.  So, no problem.
  Then she tells me some of the stuff that’s happened.  Sometime after I left last night but before Stan got there this morning, someone broke into the store.  Broke open the front door with a crow bar.  Performed some vandalism, threw some computers around.  Of course, it was raining last night, so their are muddy foot prints all over, as well as some handprints.
  So the store is not even open right now, for lunch.  The cops are there, and I think the company IT people are there too, trying to put the store back together.  We should be open for dinner.  So, unless we hear from them, I plan on going in.
  But that’s not even why Dina was upset, or why she wanted me to close.  She just got served with papers from her ex husband, father of the oldest daughter.  She has not received any child support from him, and when it finally catches up to him, he sues for custody.  We all know that the only reason he wants custody is so he doesn’t have to pay child support.  You know that, right?  That makes him a dick.  And a lawyer that takes that case *knowing* the reason is a dick also.
  So, she’s upset.  Kind of a basket case right now.  She just wants to stay home and be with her kids.  I get that.
  I’m glad now that I said yes, before she explained, so I didn’t have to feel like an asshole and then change my mind, and then feel like I was forced into it, and then she would think I was a dick, and then there would be this whole thing between us.

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