It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah!

February 13, 2009 at 10:41 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  Even if they can’t work it out, it was a nice gesture, so I feel pretty good to be included.
  Earlier this week–was it Tuesday?–was Dina’s birthday.  This coming Monday is both Stan and Mike’s birthday.  Next Friday is my birthday.  Mike and Dina plotted to get a bunch of people together to go out for everyone’s birthday.  Everyone’s but mine, that is, because they forgot or didn’t know. 
  I had originally wanted Monday off because I’m off on my day job that day (and paid, boo-yah!) but once I heard about the party plans, I figured I would go ahead and work, and I told them that.  But, I said, I’d like to have Friday off, because that’s *my* birthday.
  They stopped in their tracks.  Although I didn’t think much of it, they realized they had to include me in the plans, because it was as much for Dina’s birthday as well–everyone who has a birthday in February.  So they have Tom, the supervisor working on it, trying to find someone to run the Monday night shift in our store so we can ALL go.
  That is, everyone except Myron and Paro.  They will be working that night.  Party is not of much interest to Paro and no one likes Myron.  It sucks to be him, I guess.  Other than that, everyone from the store will be there.  As well as other people.
  And where is it, exactly?  Mike arranged for the a special night at the Funny Bone–the first comedy club I performed at.  On Monday, they were going to be closed, but when Mike said they were going to have a group of at least 35-40 show up, the club manager said he would throw some shit together.  So it will be almost like a private engagement at the club.  Cool.
  Of course hearing about it and talking about it makes me think I’d like to get back on stage someday.  We’ll see.  But right now, I’m looking forward to just going out, with a group of friends, and the girl friend, and having a good time.  It’ll beat the hell out of other crappy birthdays I’ve had in the past.

  And…even if the can’t find someone to work, I will know that at least they put forth the effort, they tried.  And that means they care.  You all know how I get around my birthday lately, especially with my kids not calling me and crap like that and this self-pitying little depression I go through.  Woe is meh, et cetera.
  It means alot to me to know they care.


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