If Wishes Were Pizzas

March 3, 2009 at 1:50 AM | Posted in Journal | 2 Comments
  …Beggars would eat.

  Alot of stuff that has happened over the weekend just melted away with the anger I have from this morning.  I am really fucking pissed about this.
  Saturday night I brought home five pizzas.  Two mediums that were mis-makes from earlier in the night, and three larges that I made on purpose and par-baked (partially cooked) to finish cooking at home on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon, I cook the pizzas.  Of course, I ruin the one I had specifically wanted.  I overcooked it because I couldn’t hear the timer, because I’m going deaf.  However, when I explain this to people, that I need help because I can’t hear, those pleas for help ironically fall on deaf ears.
  I eat some of it anyway, because I really wanted it.  I check in a little bit, and most of these three pizzas has disappeared, and Alex wasn’t home yet.  Brandon.
  I go to work last night for a little while because I had volunteered to drive.  I come home with yet ANOTHER pizza, this one an EXTRA large, this one done the RIGHT way.  I had a few pieces, and I wanted to save some for my lunch today.
  In the fridge I noticed that the two medium pizzas were untouched.  The box, however, was looked at (the lid was lifted–this is not CSI stuff)  The pizzas leftover were less than desirable.  I figured I could just stick a few slices in one of those boxes and then be able to grab them in the morning for lunch.
  This morning, I got the box out.  It seemed lighter.  I opened it, and sure enough, the pizza I had put aside for my lunch was GONE, and the entire pizza that was left–a mushroom pizza–was still there.  MY LUNCH WAS GONE.
  I better not see that mother-fucker.

  And this will segue into a political discussion.  This is why liberals are wrong and I am right.  Liberals and those leaning towards socialism want everyone to be "taken care of."  Everything should be "equal."
  The problem with that can be seen from the microcosm that is my household:  Answer me this, you liberal elitist tree hugging commie pinko fag junkie motherfuckers:  Why in the fuck should I have to work two and three jobs to support a lazy motherfucker in my motherfucking basement who is perfectly capable of working but won’t fucking do it?  Why do I have to feed him, provide him shelter from the goddamn elements, and pay my fucking utilities so he can use my goddamn electricity and fucking water?  I pay for the goddamn internet connection that the sonofabitch uses for free.  It’s my goddamn house and I get to spend less and less time here while he NEVER LEAVES.
  And he either feels "entitled" to this way of life, or just doesn’t give a shit that other people provide it for him. 
  Explain to me, please, how it is fair. 
  Liberals spend alot of effort trying to convince the poor that the rich are "evil" and living off of their back.
  This is why, you liberal fucktard idiots, socialism doesn’t work and trying to re-engineer our society will be a disaster not only for this country but for the world.  Socialist operate under the completely mistaken and fucking unrealistic belief that a) everyone is equal; and b) someone else will do the  work.
  Everyone is NOT equal.  And someone has to do the work but liberals feel it is always someone else, never them.  The more you are willing to work, the more you can have.  If you aren’t willing to do anything, why should you GET anything?  I know, of course, that it’s different when you aren’t able to, someone should take care of you.  But if you capable but aren’t willing to do anything, why shouldn’t others be allowed to hunt you down and kill you for sport, and mount your head on the wall near the fireplace?  Why?
  "That’s a deer.  Eight-pointer.  That’s my bass.  And that’s the dumbass who lived in the basement."
  [I know I exaggerate for humor’s sake on occasion, and it’s funny and edgy when I go "over the line," or whatever.  Blah blah blah.  But I’m not kidding.  Hunt them down and shoot them.]
  If you are smarter and you work harder, you should get more.  If you aren’t, you should get less.  If you are really smart and work alot harder, you can hire the people who aren’t as smart and who don’t work as hard to work for you.  Everyone is not equal, but everyone has the chance to scrape out a living.  Not everyone could have invented the printing press, or the steam engine, or plastic, or semiconductors.  Not everyone could have invented the assembly line, putting millions of people to work.  Some people have to work the line.
  "Not everyone gets to be an Astronaut when they grow up."  Some people have to serve the fries.  But at least your working.  Serving fries doesn’t entitle you to the riches of Midas.
  The government doesn’t create jobs.  The government doesn’t create wealth.  The government is not the solution to your problems.  Think of the government as "The House."  The House always wins.  The House sets the rules.  The House is NOT your friend.
  The government convinces you that the wealthy are your enemy, so they can get your okay to take from the wealthy and give it to you.  But they don’t "give" to you without first skimming off the house percentage.  On every transaction.

  I owe the goddamn government at multiple levels taxes on various things six ways from Sunday.  I DON’T BELIEVE Obama’s promise that people in my bracket won’t pay more because ultimately we ALL pay more.  I have all of that plus my regular debt, plus my regular bills, and I have to also support a worthless piece of shit living in my basement and eating me out of house and home?  That is your liberal version of "fair"?  Fuck you.



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  1. Wait, what? who is this guy that ate your pizza?And couldn\’t you easily solve this problem by putting some comet in the pizza and then warning everyone you like? I bet he couldn\’t tell there was comet in it when it gets cold in the fridge.

  2. You shouldnt have to be taking care of someone who wont help them self. Everytime you feed him, your actually enabling him. I know its tough love.. but its simple math..if you dont work, you dont eat. Hang tough buddy.. My boys are 23 and 21 and are both homeowners (in Cali) and understand the concept quite well. I agree with pretty much everything you said in this blog.. alittle rough with the f bomb..but i understand how upset you are.. So …do yourself a favor.. set a date..set the rules..and stick by em. Good luck.

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