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March 4, 2009 at 4:55 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Detroit’s son, Alex, got a virus.  Or, his PC did.
  I remember that I was thinking just the other month, I wonder if he has any anti virus protection…
  So, now I know the answer to that question.

  I thought that Alex was technology-savvy.  As it turns out, many clowns of his generation just know how to *use* it, but they don’t know how or why it works or how to fix it.  Engineers did a pretty good job designing this stuff, I think; it’s intuitive to operate.  Most people–like my 12 year old daughter–have picked it up as second nature.
  I goes down and I looks at it, and I says damn, you be fucked.  I go burn a couple of things onto a disc, because no way in hell am I sticking my virginal flash drive in his herpes-infected machine.  But the CD drive doesn’t detect the disc.  Is this a problem with the disc?  Or the drive?  Or the Virus?  I guess I’ll find out later.
  I download a free anti-virus program and run it, and it instantly starts seeing all these Trojans.  I let it run a scan, and I’m going to come back later.

  While I’m down in his room, some of his friends come over.  Two chicks and some dude whose name I should know.  They are talking about the cat, so I guess they are acquainted with it.  The cat is fickle; if you aren’t a member of the family, it doesn’t like you.  But I know how the cat is.
  I explain, "The cat doesn’t like anyone in the house.  Everyone else, he hates."
  Alex later remarked that during the week, he only communicates with people through texting or IM.  This was a special occasion, having people over mid-week, because generally he’s reclusive.  One of the chicks gives an "Aw-w."
  I explain, "Alex doesn’t like anyone in the house.  Everyone else, he hates."
  I went upstairs and talked to Detroit.  We (or I, as it turned out) needed to go to the store.  "You wanna go with?" I ask.  No, she doesn’t.  She doesn’t want to go because she’s already in her pajamas and because I ended a sentence with a preposition…
  I mentioned the conversation downstairs.  She’s in agreement.  She doesn’t go out much, she’s a homebody.  She doesn’t want to–
  I cut her off.  "You don’t like anyone in the house, and everyone else, you hate."
  She concedes, but says, "’Hate’ is a strong word.  I would say, ‘vehemently despise.’"

  Alex calls me down later, he has a serious problem.  The PC blue-screened on him a few times.  Now, the wallpaper has been replaced by a flashing sign that says, "Your PC has been infected with a virus, blah blah blah."  Yeah, well, no shit.  It’s the Trojan that put that sign up.  But I did check his box, he does have a key code on it.  I think.  And we have an XP disc.  All of his music is on his iPod.  I believe we are reformatting his drive and reinstalling.  Fun, fun, fun.

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