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  I’m not really a hypocrite.  I have my problems with American Black Culture, but I don’t want them to be 2nd class citizens, I don’t consider them animals, and I don’t want to own them.  I don’t think they are "beneath" white people, even though I think most of them are beneath me; in fact I feel that way about most people of all races.  Black people are no different.
  (In fact, my newest fetish that edged out Asian women is a black woman with an accent, like Jamaican or…West African.  While that is neither here nor there, I just thought I’d mention it because I met a sweet girl born in West Africa, living in the US since she was twelve.  A REAL African-American.)
  I was on the intarwebs the other day–much like I am right now, and much as you may be if you are reading this–and I StumbledUpon some video of ESPN doing a special report on racism in sports.
  In Europe.
  Soccer, the "world’s sport," is wildly popular all over the world except the United States where we don’t kill people for losing a game because we aren’t insane and recognize that a sport is just that–a sport.
  In this report I saw, black soccer players are frequently booed, called "monkeys," and have bananas thrown on the field at them.  Even by the supporters of their team.  Their own "fans."  All over the more enlightened Europe this happens.  These people were close to breaking out a robe and putting hoods on.  Where was the Confederate flag?
  Now, I would expect this from the French, because they have xenophobic hatred about everyone that isn’t a hairy smelly obtuse Frenchman.  But everywhere in "white" Europe it is prevalent.
  Meanwhile, in the backwards, uncultured, barbaric good ol’ US of A, sports stars are stars and treated with respect–probably far more than they are due–regardless of their color.  Many of our greatest athletes are black.  In fact, most of them are.  They are treated like rock stars.
  I have personally witnessed very racist people who would (in almost the same breath) heap praise upon someone like Orlando Pace, Left Tackle for the St Louis Rams, and curse about the black people in the store we were just in using the traditional epitaphs.  This was my dad, and he saw no irony in this.
  But my point is, very liberal people in this country–the enlightened ones, the smart ones, the elitist ones, the ones marching towards socialism–these are the people pointing to Europe saying we should be more like them. We should follow their lead.
  Now I’m not going to say that is THE reason why Europe is a horrible place and we shouldn’t try to be like them.  Not when there are so many other reasons.  That is just one of them; in fact, it’s more of a symptom.
  Let’s run down a few reasons, shall we?

  Let’s start with the EU.  I’m sure it sounded like a good idea on paper to take a bunch of bickering children that haven’t been able to get along for 1500 years and form central government that carefully looks at the wants and needs of all parties involved to make sure they ignore all of them equally.
  The EU was a good idea because all of the socialist governments that exist in Europe had taxed themselves out of usefulness voting bread and circuses for themselves.  Socialism isn’t working for us, so let’s try…more socialism.  Shooting myself in the foot hasn’t made my headache go away, so I should shoot myself in the other foot also.  Fair is fair.

  Ever since BEFORE the Crusades, when the Persian Empire was on the rise, Muslims have been trying to overrun Europe.  Afterward they were beaten back, and the Crusades were an attempt by Christians to regain some Holy Land taken by the Muslims.  This is the truth, by the way, and if you disagree you are completely ignorant of history.  Go read before you come and talk to me.  Then go away and don’t talk to me.
  Now, Muslims are overrunning Europe in a more peaceful way.  Just moving in, emigrating, and refusing to assimilate.  Then they have more babies while the Europeans aren’t even making enough babies to replace themselves.  Muslims will own Europe, and for all intents and purposes enslave the hapless natives.  It’s gonna really suck to be them.
  I was going to put something here about the European attitude towards America.  In fact, I know nothing about it, other than some generalizations; however most of this article is broad generalizations anyway.
  I gather that for the US, there are mixed reviews in Europe.  That’s fair, isn’t it?  Lots of people there like us and look to us for support and protection.  Others look to us for support and protection and resent us for it.  Most are probably indifferent, and still other outright hate us, for a myriad of reason, most of which have to do with the fact that they really don’t understand The Cowboy Way.  I haven’t seen a Frenchman yet that knows how to man up.

  Around St Patrick’s Day, I made this statement:  "Hm-mmm.  You know what’s better than corned beef and cabbage?" 
  "Just about everything.  There’s a reason why everyone left Ireland."
  And I don’t mean to pick on Ireland.  Aside from the food, to me Ireland is one of the more desirable places in Europe.  There, and Iceland.  But there are reasons why everyone left Europe and came to America.  There are reason why people risk their lives to get in here.  Is anyone dying to cross the border into Spain?  Truly?  No?
  People left Europe in droves to create a better life here.  Why do you want to turn this into the place your ancestors fled?  "You know, since I escaped the pits of Hell, I sure do miss it.  Mind if I turn the heat up and light some sulfur-flavored incense?"
  I understand that we have a heritage from Europe, and I am grateful for that.  My own ancestry is mostly Finnish and French.  But the most important thing to learn from history is how not to repeat it.  We should look to Europe with that in mind.  How many millions–billions–have dies on Europe’s crusty soil, stained from war after war after war, bitter feuding from misunderstandings and mistrust and greed and lust for power.  How many times have the borders changed, the names changed, the power structure changed?  They are old, they have a long history of–
  You know, this question just occurred to me:  Are we, America, a young Europe?  Will the things that have happened to them eventually happen to us?  Are we doomed to experience Balkanization, plagues, and a hundred years’ war between New York and Miami?  Crusades?
  The Grass Is Always Greener–
  You unhappy elitists snobs who yearn for the sophistication of European sensibilities–do have any idea what their plumbing is like?  Do you know many of them are jealous of us, want to be like us, and want to take us down because they are no longer the imperial power?  If you remember history, you know that Spain, and France, and England, and Germany–these were once forces in the world, forces to be reconned with.  We are friends with England.  Spain has become inconsequential, and France is downright ridiculous.  Germany–?  Well, Germany is as Germany does.
  A friend of mine from work is going to France this summer with his wife.  I said, "Remember, a first class hotel anywhere else in the world (besides the US) is like the Bates Motel but with worse room service."
  We here in the United States have many problems.  But our blessings far outweigh them.  If you don’t believe that, you are what we call "a sorehead."  If your station in life is low, if you life in poverty in the ghetto, I just want to say, "Suck it up."  Do have any idea whatsoever how much worse off you would be in any other country in the world?
  If you are rich, you should thank God every day that you live in the US.  If you are poor, you should thank him even more than you aren’t living in a grass hut with dirt floor with no food and dirty water and no electricity but more insects and diseases than you have names for. 


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