In The Dumps

April 10, 2009 at 1:51 AM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Okay, this is Thursday.  I may not get to post this until I know more.  Let’s backpedal a bit:

  My sister and I swapped houses.  Of course, it’s not entirely legal with the city yet, so we haven’t switched over the utilities.  My gas at her house got shut off in February. 
  But it’s "loose"–the connection–so she still gets gas.  Bitch.
  Tuesday, her gas at my house got shut off.  Detroit’s mom, I guess sensing self-preservation is the better part of valor, agreed to pay basically all of it, over 500 clams.  Or bones, or whatever it is you call them.  Wednesday I take it all, pay, make the call, and they tell me:  "We’ll be there first thing tomorrow."  Shit.  I paid EARLY on Wednesday so they would be out on WEDNESDAY.  However, they had no openings, being too busy running around shutting other people’s gas off.  Bitches. 
  Thursday I get the call from Alex.  The gas man came around, but wouldn’t turn it on because we have a leak.  He didn’t say where, he didn’t look.  He just checked the pressure in the line.  Need a plumber or a magician or something.  Well, shit.  Now that has to be fixed.  Monday I had just paid for the main sewer line at my sister’s house (again, my old house) to be cleaned out.  Not because I felt responsible, but because she couldn’t afford it.  I can’t either, really, but I happened to have the cash at the right moment, and my good Cousin Joey knew a guy.
  And then I get this call.  So, I call Joey.  He knows a guy.  Another guy.  I need to call him back later.  If he can’t do it, I’ll call the guy across the street from me.  I know a guy, too.
  I’d like to take a shower sooner or later…

  In the meantime, this other guy I know did a favor for me.  Detroit tells me that she can’t park in the driveway because there is a big-ass dumpster in the way.  Surprise!  A big roll-off, just for us, and for free.  Do you know how much it costs to get one of these?  I priced the smaller ones at two or three hundred, and this is a big one.  How big?
  We can’t park in our double-wide driveway, that’s how big.
  Well, the driver cocked it in there at an angle.  No one was home, like there was supposed to be.  For free, I’m not going to complain.  I’m gonna fill that sucker up as fast as I can and get it out of here.

  But the main thing I have to take care of immediately is the gas.  I have to get our gas fixed and back on.  I just realized this weekend is Easter.  Oh, shit.  Without gas, we ain’t cooking.


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