Another Day In The Life

May 6, 2009 at 9:50 PM | Posted in The Corporate World | Leave a comment
  We had some food laid out for Cinco de Mayo ("Five types of Mayonaisse"?)  I saunter over in my normal style, and some chick–Sharon, I think–is getting some food.  Playfully, I push her out of the way.  Erica is standing there too.  We see lime slices, and wonder where the Margarita mix is.  Typical.
  There is a plate of something that we can’t identify.  To me, it looked like crumbled feta cheese (You should try it, it’s really Gouda!  Hahahaha!)  I said to Sharon, "Just do like this."  I stick my finger in my mouth to moisten it, then advance toward the food.
  She exclaimed, "Oh, Bryan!"
  I turned to Erica and said, "I’m used to hearing that alot."
  Erica said softly, unbelieving, "Oh my God."
  "That too.  Not in that tone, though."
  Sharon said, "You are bad."
  Always leave on a good line.  Time to go.  I depart, saying, "Yes, I am."

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