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May 19, 2009 at 8:55 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  I have some TV shows that I like, you know–
  Currently, for instance, on USA I like Burn Notice and I like In Plain Sight.  Burn Notice comes back for the summer in June, and I’m happy about that.  It’s like sitting at the beach reading a good book…with pictures of hot chicks in bikinis, and lots of explosions.  Honestly, what could be better?  Plus, Bruce Campbell.
  So Detroit and I are watching In Plain Sight the other night.  It’s about US Marshalls in Albuquerque NM who protect people in the witness protection program.  But it’s in New Mexico.
  In this particular episode, there is an explosion in a building, a guy is trapped.  Rescue and official vehicles gather.  It is mid-afternoon.  The guy in charge of the Marshalls is wearing a long billowy coat, Angel-style.  The Marshall in the story gets there, gets out of her car, and puts a jacket on.
  Again, this is New Mexico.
  I paused the DVR and stood up.
  Because everyone that is important in the world lives in Los Angeles, I understand that at night in the desert it is cooler than it is during the day.  And oh, yes–LA is a desert.  Don’t ever doubt it.  The arid ecological conditions are the perfect metaphor for an area bereft of morality and soul.
  But honestly–an overcoat?
  There went my goddamn willing fucking suspension of fucking belief.  Bullshit.  How am I supposed to believe this is real *now*?  Maybe it does get cool at night in the desert.  But not that cool.  Is everyone a fucking pansy?  I swear to Christ.  Back in 19 and 87 I was in Vegas in November.  November, you fucks!  The ex and I were newly engaged at the time, and we had a fight.  I went for a walk about 1 am.  T-shirt and jeans, bitches.  T-shirt and jeans.
  Maybe my metabolism is just different.  I know I’m a big guy too, but still–I run pretty hot.  I’m at work right now in an air conditioned building, and I have a fan blowing on me.  My ancestors, as you know, come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.  But honestly–is the show filmed in New Mexico, or on a lot in LA?  Or in Vancouver?  Or goddamn Iceland?
  Either way, I’d like to see more sweating, more heat, and less wearing of coats, because it’s fucking supposed to be New goddamn Mexico, retards! 
  And some chicks in bikinis at the beach would be nice, too.  I know there’s no beach in New Mexico, but if they’re filming in LA, go to the beach.  Go on.
  Tell me, is it *really* cold enough at night in New Mexico to wear a coat?  Detroit says yes.  Telling me doesn’t prove it, babe.  I’m from Missouri; you have to show me.

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