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  I’m not pro-lifer.  But I am anti-abortion.  Let me explain the difference:  Abortion is wrong, killing babies is wrong.  I know that many liberals want to bask in the rich history of human infanticide so they can point to that and say, "See how we’ve evolved?  We only kill them in the womb now."  And so now, only occasionally will a mother or father drown or shoot or slit the throat of all of their kids.  Retroactive abortion, you might say.
  Birth is a beautiful thing.  If it’s done right, the conception can be as well.  But birth is a beautiful thing.  The creation of a new life, the mother-child bonding thing, the miracle of life, the blah-blah-blah.  Also, the blood, the pain, and the screaming.  Then the feeding, the diaper changing, the burping, the dressing, the teaching to walk and talk, until finally, they put you in a nursing home and sell your stuff.
  Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid that whole inconvenience and, while they are being born–while they are coming head-first out of your skanky vagina that has seen more dicks than a retired urologist–and just stab the worthless little snot right in the head?
Like I said, I’m not a pro-lifer.  I believe in the death penalty:  Double-dip em and deep fry em.  I also believe in Karma:  what goes around comes around.  I  possess neither the moral certainty of the religious right, nor the hypocrisy of the left.  I know exactly where I stand, and why.  The religious right can be "shocked" at the "senseless" murder of Tiller the Killer, and actually mean it.  That’s really sweet.  As for me–while I couldn’t do it myself for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the fact that I don’t want to go to jail–I rejoice a little because the baby killer is dead.
  Not a lot, because I’m not an activist.  Sure, someone will come along and take his place, but one less evil person in the world is one less evil person in the world.
[By the way, I love how the left-wing bloggers use this event right away as a condemnation of the right, because they can.  They think the religious right wing nutjobs think like me, and feel like I do.  What I have written, they imagine that is how the right feels.  They don’t.  They have something the left doesn’t have:  real compassion for all human life.  You won’t find right-wing bloggers saying things like this.  Meanwhile, when someone prominent from the right passes away, the first thing the assholes on the left do is attack.  What did they say about Ronald Reagan?  Jerry Falwell?  Anyone else with a view that differs from their left-wing radical commie-pinko-fag-junkie tree-hugging skewed view of the universe?  People that were relatively harmless by comparison.  People who haven’t ended thousands upon thousands of lives.  They justify it because it their minds, if they disagree with you, it’s because they are righteous and you are evil.  A little black and white in their shades of grey world.]
  So is this just a little payback?  Sure.  But it’s also how I feel.  If any hypocritical assholes on the left read this they may demand some kind of apology from me–like I matter–when they have said worse about other people and not only gotten away with it but also been praised for it.  Go ahead and be bitter, be angry, muster some righteous indignation, if you can.  Do it with a straight face.  But for God’s sake, be happy about it.  After all–you survived your abortion.

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