Rain Delay

June 9, 2009 at 1:18 AM | Posted in The Corporate World | Leave a comment
  Sunday was the long-awaited Company Picnic.  Meanwhile, of course, I closed at Domino’s Friday AND Saturday.  Saturday I had enough time to wake up, eat something, take a nap, and then go into work.  Sunday, I get up about 1030.  The thing starts at 11.
  We manage to get there about 1130.  Food is served–Bunny and her husband the Big Lebowski are doing the cooking.  I swear sometimes I feel like a dog, because dogs can’t look up.  It wasn’t until I felt some rain drops upon me that I even noticed the sky.  And still, it just looked cloudy and overcast, not stormy.
  Or maybe I’m just an optimist.
  It sprinkled briefly while we ate.  Detroit and I sat with Michelle and Al.  Al no longer works at the bank, but his fiance does.  After I ate I said, "I feel like I need to spread a little sunshine.  AKA, me." 
  I go on a walkabout.  I talk to Eulina and her friend, then Johnny and his mother and sister.  I talked with Lisa, the HR-VP who has the hots for me.  She asked me about the volleyball tournament that I was in charge of organizing.  I said, "Everything was fine."
  "Did anyone get to play?"
  "Everything was just fine," I repeated.  She got it.  And yeah, no one played.
  I walk over and talk to Tammy and Sheryl, and then I get my face painted my the little girls who were doing that.  I got a catepillar that started on one side of my face, went to my beard and stopped, then came back out the other side.  The little girl doing it said, "You have to be the coolest person here."
  Yes, yes I am.  Sadly, my demographic of appeal is 6-12 year-olds.  I saw Detroit talking to Serena and Mark, and waltzed on over.  Maybe it was more of a foxtrot.  I talked with them briefly, and then Scott came over, and I talked with him.  He revealed some things about the company–some "behind-the-curtain" things–that made me lose a little bit of my innocence.  I feel like I lost a virginity that I didn’t know I had.
  Scott’s GF Tia came over, and of course I had to flirt with her.  In front of Scott.  I’m going to get punched one day, but she is a cute little thing.
  We stood under the tree while thunder and lightning did a dance in the sky…maybe not the smartest thing I’ve done in my life.  It started to rain more, so that was Scott and Tia’s cue to leave, and Serena and Mark did also.  Like a fools, Detroit and I headed back to the pavilion. 
  But there was more alcohol that needed to be drunk.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.  Over 400 people RSVP’d, but my guess is we peaked at 150.  Detroit and I found a comfortable niche with Joe and Sue, Carrie, and Bunny and The Big L.
  I talked earlier with the Big L, and helped him load the grill onto the trailer, then he left.  Bunny alternately sat and talked with us and cleaned up; it was their catering company that did the food for this event.  After I was sure she had all the help she needed, I offered to lend a hand.  I got the ol’ squinting-with-one-eye-and-other-eyebrow-raised look.
  We had a good time, as the crowd cleared out.  I mentioned that we needed to leave, otherwise we would be stuck cleaning up–
  –And we were.
  The crowd dwindled, and soon it was just us six and another group from a downtown branch.  They helped also,when it was time to go.  We loaded all the food and stuff into Bunny’s SUV, I have Lost and Found in my trunk, and we got some leftovers as well.  It wasn’t too bad.  Normally I get stuck with a lot of heavy lifting, it’s the reason I was hired.
  Anyway, back home, we both crashed out on the couch for a while.  It was not the greatest summer party, but it was fun.  I had a good time.

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