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June 18, 2009 at 9:33 PM | Posted in Notes on Society | Leave a comment
  Billy Joel and his chicka, whatever her name is, are getting a divorce.  Of course, from the very beginning some people had some snide comments about the fact that she is much younger than him.  This year, Bill is about 70.  Wow.  That’s old.  And his soon-to-be ex is in her 30s, and smokin.
  I’m a big fan of Billy Joel, and I say go for it.  If he can get a hot young chick to fondle his wrinkly sac, I say more power to him.
  While other people jump on the self-righteous bandwagon of disgust at this pseudo-pedophilia, I can’t be a hypocrite, I totally support it.  When I was 21, I lived with a 40 year old woman.  We were both peaking–It was an interesting year.  Of course nothing lasts forever–
  Now that I’m 44, I’ve told my (similarly-aged) fiance that if I could get a hot younger chick, I totally would.  It’s my turn, after all.  Not forever, you understand, and not to replace her (because I love her), but just a fling.  She understands.  She even encourages me, like she has some perverse knowledge that it’ll never happen.  Never, never, ever.  Because I’m not famous like Billy Joel?
  The shit is just not fair.


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