Things…Fall Apart

July 3, 2009 at 1:12 AM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Not us, mind you.  Me and Detroit, we’re fine.  She has the normal complaints about me, of course:  I’m too wonderful, I’m too thoughtful and caring, I make all of her dreams come true, my dick is too big–
  And I’m way too full of shit.
  Meanwhile, Bunny told me that she and the Big L are taking a trip to splitsville in separate vehicles.  I saw this coming from a distance, actually.  However, she told me that *HE* told *HER* that he wanted a divorce–like he beat her to the punch or something.  In any event, she feels some relief, because she didn’t want to be the one to initiate it.  Again.
  [Have I told you the story of Bunny?  No?  Someday I will.  I’ll just tell you this:  She is my best friend in the world, and I’d do anything for her.  Seventeen years ago or so I had a crush on her, and wanted to be with her.  Having known her all this time I still love her dearly–but there is no way in Hell I would want to be with her, because she’s a fucking psycho.  Yes, I have told her this.]
  My cousin Joey is having marital trouble as well.  Since he’s my cousin, I lean towards his side.  His wife Marissa is pretty hot–but I can tell she has the potential to just be a stainless steel bitch.  She doesn’t like Joe’s friends, and he has a lot of them.  She doesn’t like them hanging around, and they do that a lot.  She doesn’t like the time he spends away from the house doing things for other people, and he does that a lot, too.
  I’m sure there are other things.  Money is an issue, because Joe isn’t exactly working steadily.  He can’t work in his field, and he’s having a hard time finding work in other fields.
  Joe calls me last night–he’s over at my sister’s house, helping her.  Her car hasn’t been running, and Joe’s been giving her rides back and forth–more strain on his marriage.
  Her battery is dead.  I was going to give her the one out of my truck, but it won’t match up because of that side-post vs top-post thing.  Things are getting out of hand with her–the AC, her water heater, her bills–and if I’m going to help her this time…
  When I get over there, I said to her, "If I buy you a battery, are you going to be able to pay me back?"  It was the start, the opening.  She needs a swift kick in the ass and somebody to tell her how to spend and not spend her money.  I had alot to tell her when she rode with me to get the battery, but I kept the lesson down to the minimum:
  *Get another part time job, get it now.  Twenty hours at minimum wage is over a hundred bucks a week that you don’t have.
  *Talk to people that you know–network–to find any kind of job you can.
  *This is about survival.  You may indeed have to work in fast food.  Count on it.
  The other stuff I need to tell her is she’s too fucking needy and it’s straining other people’s relationships, like Joe and Marissa, like Detroit and I.  And probably her friend Chris and his wife.  I’m sure she loves it when he comes over to do something for her.  Tellingly, he always brings his small son with him whenever he comes over to her house.
  She wants to blame the economy for her problems.  For many people, it is the problem.  For her, the economy is the outer ring.  She needs to get past all the personal hurdles before the economy is an issue.  But for her sake, it gives her an external force to blame it on instead of taking responsibility for herself.

  Speaking of things falling apart, I’m trying to get this loan deal going.  Briefly, my sister and I switched houses.  We’ve done everything except the official ownership of the properties, because I have loan on her house that I need to move here, to my house.
  You’d think that since I work at a bank (in the mortgage division no less) that this would be a cinch.  However, auditors abound, and they tend to scrutinize employee loans even more to make sure there is no favoritism.  As a result, they are often much harder on employees.  The loan is no problem, but I’m also trying to get some cash out to pay for some stuff (back taxes, et cetera) and therein lies the problem.  So I’m still waiting to see how it pans out and what they can do for me (or too me.)

  And yet another addendum.  Since I wrote this, I talked with Bunny.  She said she and The Big L have talked, and he actually agreed to counseling–something he has always been against before.  He said, "I notice that you haven’t been happy for the past several months."
  She answered, "I haven’t been happy for years."

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