One Lucky Break

July 15, 2009 at 10:06 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  In the middle of all of my other troubles, I had one lucky break.
  I got a bunch of tickets–but that wasn’t the lucky part.
  Let’s see, how many did I get?  Maybe back in March, did I get one?  City of Hazelwood, on the Mercedes, for improper plates.
  May, Alex got one on Fred, because the plates were expired.
  June, we got one on Fred for sitting in front of the house with expired plates.
  Also in June, I got two more tickets on the Mercedes, improper plates and no proof of insurance.  He acted like he was doing me a favor.
  Yeah, all of these tickets, that’s my good luck.  Shut up.  The first one was 75 bucks, the second two were 65 and 100.  I was prepared to pay the last two from the city of Creve Couer when I got a letter in the mail.  I had missed the court date.  My bad.  They were going to give me a second chance, and a new court date.
  Well, that was mighty white of them, considering the original tickets didn’t have a court date on them to begin with, your just supposed to call.  I think they do that shit on purpose, so you end up having to pay more.
  I had mentioned the tickets to Mike, and he said he was good friends with a prosecuting attorney for the county.  I didn’t see how that could help–they were non-moving violations, I was still going to have to cough up some dough.
  Well, the other night at Domino’s, Mike said a friend of his needed some pizzas.  For free, obviously.  Not a problem.  We whip out two extra large pies for his friend.  When he shows up, I discover that it is his attorney friend.  Mike must have mentioned the tickets to him, because he asked me about them. 
  I explained the bogus deal behind them, and the missed court date.  "Do you have them with you?"  As a matter of fact I do, in my man-sac.  I gave him the tickets, and he wrote my phone number on them.  He said, "I’ll take care of this.  It’s no problem.  Worst case, you may have to pay court costs since you missed the date.  Twenty-four bucks."
  That is fucking awesome.  Even if it’s 24 bucks each, that’s still less than what one of the tickets would have been by itself.  Mike has some pretty goddamn cool friends.
  It made me think, and I may have said this before–what product and/or service do I have to offer, that may be of use to these people that have helped me out?

  Oh, yeah–pizza.


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