Dream A Little Dream

August 14, 2009 at 10:03 PM | Posted in Personal | 1 Comment
  I had the most amazing dream last night.  I dreamt–
  No you didn’t.
  No, I did.  I–
  No you didn’t.  I don’t dream.  I don’t believe in dreams.
  Just because you don’t dream doesn’t mean I don’t.
  Hey, don’t try to force your beliefs on me.  I am more intelligent and more logical than you are.  Dreams are for primitives, and barbarians, and the intellectually inferior.
  So because I dream and you don’t, I’m an idiot.
  Don’t put words in my mouth.  But yes.
  Maybe you should try it sometime, dreaming.
  Hey, don’t force your ideology on me.  Your "theology."
  Well you tried to force yours on me. 
  No I didn’t.
  Yes you did.  You said I didn’t dream.
  I’m just stating facts.
  It’s not a "fact"  How can you know what goes on inside my head when I sleep?  My own personal experience–it’s mine.  It’s purely subjective.
  There is no way to measure with a scientific device whether or not you dream.  Therefore, it doesn’t exist.
  Have you considered the possibility that we simply don’t have the science, the technology, the ability to measure or investigate dreams yet?
  Hah!  That’s laughable!  We are at the peak of our civilization, technologically.  There is nothing we cannot discern.  Have you considered the possibility that these so-called "dreams" are just your imagination?
  You know…I feel my life is richer and fuller because I dream.
  I think you are living a life of delusion if you claim to dream.  People who say they dream are either insane or they are just plain liars.
  Why do you have some much hatred for people who dream?
  I don’t hate them.  I do hate the fact that they try to push their deluded fantasies on me. 
  Look, I can accept the fact that you don’t dream.  Some people just don’t.  Why can’t you accept the fact that I do?  Millions of people–billions of people–do dream.  We all have different dreams, too.
  Yeah, that’s the other odd thing.  Why is it that everyone "claims" to have different dreams?  If dreams were real, wouldn’t they all be the same?  That is just more proof that dreams are made up.
  You know, the universe is a complex place.  They universe of the mind is a complex place as well.  Dreams are part of a way of understanding both of those universes.  Each person gets to have their own interpretation of the universe.  For their own understanding.
  To me, that’s just a crutch for not accepting *What is*.  The universe–it is what it is, what we can see and feel and taste and experience.
  But part of my experience is dreaming.  It enhances my universe.
  How can it, when it’s not real?
  I don’t need you to start dreaming.  In fact, I could give a shit less whether you do or not.  Just don’t tell me that *I* don’t when you have no idea what the experience is like, you pompous, supercilious, over-educated, elitist prick.
  I don’t think that’s acceptable behavior or speech from someone who claims to dream.  Obviously, you’re a fraud.
  Just because I talk that way doesn’t mean I don’t dream.  Those of us who dream, all dream in our own way.  I am even willing to believe that even ignorant louts such as yourself who don’t enjoy the blessing of dreams can even *not* dream in a variety of ways, not just one.  Even though it’s unlikely.
  No one dreams.  That’s all there is to it.
  Look, I don’t want to argue with you anymore–
  That means I win.
  No, it just means that you are an unbearable dick.  You didn’t win, and you aren’t right.  I will continue to dream, I just won’t ever share them with you again.
  I hate that that the most.  I hate it when people come and knock on my door and want to share their dreams with me.  Thank God you won’t do that anymore. 
  God who?

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  1. That was beautiful!

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