August 21, 2009 at 8:57 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
I thought I thought a thought
it was a pretty good thought
as my thoughts go–or so I thought
where did it go and what was it?
how can you look for a thought?
how can you look for a thought
when you don’t know what it was
or what the thought looked like?
fleeting it was, like a leaf in the fall
and just as temporary
and it might have been crunchy
because metaphors often are
I’ll never get that thought back
and I miss it, I think
it was a great idea, this thought
not the save-mankind-from-itself
kind of thing, but more of the
of-that kind of thing
it might even have been humorous
because frequently my thoughts
are funny and ironic
but now I’ll never know, will I?
I sometimes wish I had one
of those beepy things that I could
attach to thoughts, and then I
could hit the button on the remote
and the thought would return to me from
whatever dark place it had scampered
off to and I would have it once again
the irony of course here being
that once I had time to relive and
analyze this thought that I had recovered
I would realize that there was a reason
I let it slip away
A mind may be a terrible thing to waste
but individual thoughts are like those
Styrofoam peanuts that fragile items are
packed in for shipping.

How’s that again?  oh, you want an
explanation for how they are similar?
I…Oh, sorry, I was lost in thought

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