Good, Good, Good–Good Vibrations–

August 25, 2009 at 1:47 AM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  I noticed within a previous post a recurring theme I occasionally explore…
  With our coming Barakalypse, the one thing I have to look forward to is that I would look really good in a long, dark overcoat, all billowy and brooding.

  It’s not nearly done at all, but the I can still see the end in sight.  Saturday and Sunday, I worked quite a bit on the garage, and in a few of the previous weeks also.  But I finally got the big thing done that I actually didn’t think I could do.  There is one more step to it, the harder step, but still–
  I have all my tools and supplies organized, arranged, and cataloged.  I feel like a superstar badass overachiever with delusions of godhood.  I feel pretty damn cool.  It’s the little things that make me happy.
  I don’t know–maybe it’s the big things.  I think being able to find the right tool when I need it, and knowing where it is–I think that’s a big thing.  I had such a garage hard-on the day.
  You know those big tool chests that you see with all the drawers?  I have three of those.  Yeah, that’s how fucking cool I am.  Three.  My dad had two, and he got me one for Christmas one year.  Now I have all three.  I’ve said before that it matters more to me to have Dad’s tools than his guns, because he and I used to always work on cars together with his tools.
  I pulled out two in particular, that were actually the last two to go in.  One was a big pair of channel locks, the ones with the blue handle.  I’m talking big–probably 16 or 18 inches long.  We used these for everything, from changing an oil filter to finessing a small nut when we couldn’t find the right sized wrench, to a make-shift hammer when you need one right away.  That pair of channel locks he has actually had for a long time–over twenty years, maybe close to thirty.  Long enough that the bright blue handle is now more of a dull green.
  The other tool is fairly new in comparison.  I think it may be about ten years old.  It is a ratchet.  A good brand, but I don’t remember which–I guess I’ll look.  It is a 3/8 inch ratchet, and has a hinged head, and the handle is no more than 4 or 5 inches long.  It is a great tool for when you need a ratchet but don’t have enough space to get both your hand and the tool into the spot at the same time.  If you’ve ever worked on a car, you know what I mean.  It’s perfect for putting in spark plugs, because the short handle allows for great access and keeps you from tightening the plug too tight.
  BTW, that’s a real problem if you’re somewhat strong, like I am.  I generally do choke up on the ratchet so I don’t tighten things too tight.
  But the point is, I know where all my shit is.  I have all the tools in different drawers, marked, and I made a map on excel that I’m going to print out and post on the inside door of the cabinet.  In the cabinet is all the supplies, from screws and nails and tape to car cleaners and lubricants, to oil and spray paint and weed and bug killer.  All there.  Also, I have an open shelf with all the power tools, cordless tools, and other tools that are in plastic cases.  I moved this down to be near the outlets to charge the cordless tools, and I put hangers on the wall to hang all the extension cords, nice and neat.  I think I need to take a picture or two–this shit is cool.
  I now know where all the caulk guns are.  For Christ’s sake, I bought three of them in the last two years, every time I couldn’t find one.  I have four now, not including the ancient crapped up one that I threw away.  But I know where they are.  I could give you directions and tell you how to find them.  Fuckin aye, dude.
  The only part I haven’t done yet (and this is going to be the grueling part) is going through EACH drawer and getting rid of all the extra tools and crap and getting down to JUST what I need.  Even a little extra.  Even if I keep two of everything, I still have a lot to get rid of.  Even after I make a toolbox for my son and for Alex, I’ll still have alot.  Even after I give the air tools to my older son–I think I may keep the rest, just not in with everything else.  Have a "Tool Treasure Chest."  Yeah.
  But I have to get rid of alot of shit.  How many 1/2 sockets do you need?  30?  Really?  How do measure how many screwdrivers you have?  By the pound?  I have about 2 pounds, maybe more.  Besides all the doubles, some are just crapped up–rusted or unusable or broken.  That box will get pitched.  But the rest–
  The rest mean something.


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