Buyer’s Remorse

August 31, 2009 at 10:16 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Last night (or this morning, as the case may be) I had a dream that we had a pet alligator.
  Of course, the dream didn’t take place in my current house; they never do.  It was in my childhood home.  This was good, because we could go upstairs, you see, to escape the alligator.
  The Alligator (whose name was Al, and I don’t know if that’s merely a play on the name or a hidden reference to my GF’s son whose name is also Al) started off small and relatively harmless, but he began to grow in size, as did our buyer’s remorse.  Although Al hadn’t done anything to us, he nonetheless had a menacing demeanor and we did fear him.  We would escape to the upstairs and he would follow because he just wanted to cuddle.
  Mac, our dog, was in the dream too.  In reality he has trouble traversing the stairs, but with an alligator for motivation behind him, he is surprisingly nimble.  Al was trying to get upstairs either to be with us or to eat us, I wasn’t really sure.
  Right before I woke up, he was at the bottom of the stairs, looking up and making forlorn sounds to us, and wagging his tail.  In the dream it wasn’t clear if he was housebroken.

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