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September 6, 2009 at 3:59 AM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
  You ever have a dream in the middle of the night, or a thought, or something like that, and it was so good that you wanted to make sure you remember it?  It happens to me all the time.  Not last night, though.  Last night was the opposite. 
  Fitfully, restlessly, I went to sleep.
  My old house in the country, of course.  It was a different-looking house, but that’s not the point.  It was in the same place.  We were looking at it from across the street.  Someone else owned it, and wanted some renovations done and asked us to help.  Except for the fact that it was haunted, we thought it was a good idea.
  When we get in, our expectation is that the owner will show up, and we didn’t want him to see us.  Not like we were breaking in or anything–we just came to  have a look around.  Still, there were things that he seemed to want to keep secret from us, so naturally we wanted to see what they were.
  The fireplace was a secret doorway, and it was partially open.  Playing with it a little, we tried to see what made it open, which comes in handy later.  I was pushing on the fireplace, watching it move, waiting to hear it click.  Suddenly it did, and the small black and white TV on a stand right by it shook a little.  *more than a coincidence,* I thought.  I tilted the TV back, and the fireplace opened up again.  We found the secret to the secret entrance.
  Upon entering, we found ourselves outside on the dock, by the pond.  It was night-time.  There was a wooden dock around three-quarters of the squared-off pond.  I was on one side and Detroit was in the middle, with the baby.  The baby was just sitting on the dock, and Detroit was turned away, I guess looking back at the house because we heard a disturbance. 
  At that point, a giant finger, or giant hand made of water came out of the water and grabbed the baby.  I jumped in after it.  I swam down (in my dreams I am an excellent swimmer) and found the baby, and wrestled it away from the giant hand, and quickly swam up to the top.  I put the baby on the dock, and now it seemed like a toy baby, and not even life-size, but very tiny.
  The water seemed to call to Detroit and she jumped in.  The pond, like the house, was haunted.  It was a special kind of haunting, where it could bend and shape reality to suit it, and it was making things seem to only half-make sense, like a dream does.  The feeling was that the haunting was making this seem dream like to me.
  This made it even scarier to me, and the depth of the water only added to my fright because I’m not a very strong swimmer, despite what I said earlier.  I was already in the water, so I swam to Detroit where this giant water finger was wrapped around her.  I fought it away from her, and got her to the shore, the one side of the pond that was just dirt.  She was hysterical and upset for some reason, but I knew the only way in this situation to calm her down.  I laid her back, I spread her legs, and I went down on her.
  As I did, I realized that I was still in the water.  My legs were, and my feet.  Something grabbed my feet.  Something small, it seemed like, was busy biting and nibbling on them.  And then something larger pulled me in, pulled me under the water.
  The water didn’t feel wet to me, but I did feel the pressure from the weight of the water on top of me, and I couldn’t breath.  I could see under the water, but it was still dark, with a light coming from below that illuminated and hid at the same time what was pulling me under.  I was starting to panic and thrash about, trying to get back to the surface.  I could feel Detroit’s hands reaching for me, but in the dark and confusion, and me thrashing about, she couldn’t grab hold of me.  I was yelling, and taking in water as I did, and I could see my grip on her slip away from me as I was pulled under.  From outside my body, I saw the last bubbles leave my lips as as I started to slide down into the depths.

  My toes were still being nibbled on–I couldn’t shake that feeling even as my cries of desperation woke me up.  I was up, I was awake, and my toes were still in the water at the edge of the bed, and still being nibbled on.  I drew them up, and got them under the covers.  "Oh, Jesus," I said, at the point of awakenness.  Detroit came to me and held me.
  She got up and went to the bathroom, and turned the light on as she left.  No bed surrounded by water, no finger pulling me in.  The room seemed very normal, but I wondered what this room was like in its dream state.  Detroit brought me a glass of water, because my mouth was dry after drowning in my sleep.  I told her of my dream, and said, "I’m sure it has some meaning."
  She said, "Drowning has to do with being under alot of pressure, alot of stress."
  *Really?*  I thought.  *Then why haven’t I been having this dream for months?*


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  1. Holy crap man, those are the worst!I thought for sure the nibbled toes would be a real life cat concerned because of your dream induced elevated heart rate or something.Mine do that.Detroit sounds great. Keep her.Plant a pre-dream suggestion in your head. Associate water with your dream with the hope that next time you will realize it is a dream while you are in there. Then you can take control and affect change in your dream and keep your internal misgivings at bay.

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