Weekend At Bunny’s

September 20, 2009 at 3:51 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
We had no internet for a few days–technical problem with the modem.  For once, it wasn’t because I didn’t pay the bill…

  It was a fun-fun-fun weekend.  At least, of the three-day holiday I had two days off–in a row, no less–and that made it pretty good.
  Saturday I got up early with Grand Plans of Making Things Happen, but it was raining.  I went out and got my coffee, came back and went to sleep.  I pretty much wasted the day, and then went to work.
  Sunday my friend Bunny was having a party for her daughter who just turned 21.  Mexican Food and Margaritas, ye-ha!  However, Detroit wasn’t feeling well that day.  I laid around on the couch and watched TV with her for a while, but I had to make an appearance at the show.  Detroit bade me go, and hence, I departed forthwith.
  Joe from the bank was there, and so we hung out, along with the Big L, and the Big L’s dad, the…Bigger L.  (By the way, speaking of references to The Big Lebowski, I bought the 10th Anniversary edition on DVD a week ago or so.  It has a whole separate disk of special features, plus it came with some commemorative coasters, and the movie itself has English subtitles, finally.  Not exactly a lightweight.  Am I wrong?  AM I WRONG?)
  We had the guy talk going on, and that was cool.  Later, Joe left, then The Big L’s dad.  Soon everyone was gone, and I said, "Shit, am I gonna be stuck cleaning up again?"  But just like the old days at Domino’s, we talked and I watched while she cleaned up.  We managed to get to talk about alot of stuff.

  Monday, I had been planning to barbeque.  I went to the store early using Detroit’s card and spent more than she knows about.  I also went to the liquor store and got cigars and supplies to make White Russians, because I was feeling it being that kind of day. 
  Still in the morning, I prepped everything up.  I seasoned and wrapped the potatoes and corn, boiled the eggs for my deviled eggs, and then mixed my first drink and went outside to work on the grill(s).
  The gas grill had been flaming up lately, so I knew there was a lot of residue in the bottom that was catching on fire.  I scraped it up, brushed it out, and cleaned the grates.  The I did the same with the charcoal smoker.  Of course, I had to drag a trash can over and dump all the remains of the yard waste I had burned in it a week ago.  As it turns out, that’s kind of illegal and you shouldn’t do it but since I got away with it, I guess I’m okay there although like so many things from my past it could come back to haunt me at any time.
  But I used both grills because I had a plan.  I put a rub on the meat, then grilled them, to get them brown on the outside, then I put them in the smoker to let them slow cook for a couple of hours.  Then I sat and drank.
  My friend Todd came over, as pre-arranged.  I hadn’t seen him in over a year or more, but we had talked on the phone frequently about getting together.  This time it worked out.  He had just come back from a month-long "walk-about."  He took his dad’s ashes for a ride, and spread them at a variety of places:  a cottage the family had owned in Michigan, a favorite vacation spot in Kentucky, a truck stop in Pennsylvania (Ashes work really good for traction if you’re stuck in the mud.  You’ll just have to work out for yourself whether or not I’m kidding.)
  We sat on the patio and talked and drank, had a good time.  Cousin Joey came by for a brief visit, ate some food and had a drink.  I got pretty drunk because vodka does that to me, especially the large extra-potent drinks I was making.  But I wasn’t as think as you drunk I am.  I mean, I wasn’t.  Detroit says I’m an ass when I’m drunk.  I said, "You’se a bitch when you sober."
  "So’s yer face," she answers. 
  It was a good time.


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