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September 28, 2009 at 5:04 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  So we have a new manager at Domino’s.  I feel much like the ancient stone castle set in the hill in the Scottish countryside.  The people have a new king.  They’ve never had one before, and this changing of the guard is new to them.  But I’ve been here for hundreds of years, and the succession of the line is not new to me.
  Actually what I feel like is this:  I’ve been doing this for so long, in so many places, with so many people, that it’s becoming a blur.  I doubt I’ll remember his name in a few years.  I have trouble remembering my own right now.  I think of all the friends I have had in the past–all work-related and employed at Domino’s–and I can’t recall most of them.  All the hot young girls I’ve working for me are a dim memory.
  But let’s speak of the here and now, shall we?  The new manager’s sister worked for us for about two days before returning to her original store.  She said it was because she liked the money better at her home store, but I know the truth.  Sadly, she couldn’t handle the sexual tension betwixt us.  The poor thing.  All that smoldering passion beneath her tiny yet perky heaving bosom was just too much. 
  Adam, the new GM, *says* he is laid back, but compared to Dina, he is all gung ho and shit.  This is his first store.  I thought, "Aw, that is so cute.  He actually cares and thinks he can get ahead here.  How adorable."
  One thing he did was take the fairly well-organized and logically arranged walk-in cooler and re-arrange everything until it was…what’s the word I’m looking for?  Stupid.  He made the walk-in completely stupid.  I can live with it.
  I feel about most things at Domino’s the same way I feel about the supervisor Tom.  He says if no one hates him, he’s not doing his job.  He wants to be feared and respected.  When I see him all I think is "I’m about to be inconvenienced."
  We’re about to do some funny things with the schedule, so we’ll see if I’m still laughing when we’re done.  Ultimately I’m worried about this, the same thing I told Dina to watch out for:  Sure, they are all fine and happy with me, sure.  But they changed managers for a reason.  Why not have the new manager come in and make all these other changes?  We don’t have to fire anyone, just get rid of them, make them quit.  Make their lives miserable and they’ll just go away.
  I know this because I’ve done it myself, several times.  I have no doubt that something very similar could have been said to Adam about me, and most definitely could have been said to whomever is Dina’s new manager about her.
  We’ll see. 

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