To Everything There Is A Season

October 6, 2009 at 9:24 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  And now is the winter of our discontent.  But it’s not winter yet.  Maybe this is the fall of my ambivalence?
  In the fall, though, I do get energized and active.  Insanely, so.  Luckily, I am one of the newly unemployed but I still have a job.  I still have my day job at the bank, but I am persona non gratis at Domino’s Pizza.  I need to find another part time job soon, but I decided to take the month of October "off" basically.  I still have one job, but it’s like I’m on vacation.  Just forty hours versus the 65-plus that I was working?  Yeah, I’m on vacation.  I have so many ideas and projects and plans and designs and hopes and dreams and wishes that I don’t think I’ll be able to fit them in to one month, even a special month like October.
  Octo is my favorite month.  I love when it turns cooler, and what with the crisp leaves, and the air, and the colors, and whole Octoberness to it.  It’s just downright bitchen.
  So this has come at a good time.  Right when I am feeling instinctively motivated to get some shit done I have the opportunity.  You may call it immature and irresponsible, but I call it Providence.  And as long as I am in Rhode Island, I’m going to build some shit.
  Saturday Detroit and I went to a friend’s house from work for a bbq/bonfire, and I got fairly drunk, which I needed after the week I had been through.  Then Sunday, I finished the job Detroit had started, taking the fireplace out.  I had the boys as laborers, removing the pieces I dismantled, and finally getting to the heart of it, we put it on a furniture dolly and carted it out.  Where we stand now:  most of the fireplace is gone, but it’s in the garage.  I hope to be able to recycle the sheet metal.  The chimney is still in place, and I intend to leave it on the roof, and close it off below the rafters, then fix the ceiling.  Also, there are still two pieces of slate stuck to the wall.  I may have to remove the wall around them and replace it to get those off.  Then we have to patch the walls and paint over 20 plus years of mismatched walls.  I’d call the score 9-8, with me up over the fireplace in the bottom of the eighth.
  So we’ll see how much I get done.  We’ll see how much my brain lets me accomplish.  Here’s a short list:
  finish the wall where the fireplace was
  build some walls and put up some doors in basement
  redo the basement wiring a bit
  get up in the attic and fix that wiring for ceiling fan installation
  finish cleaning out and arranging garage
  some electrical work in the garage.

  And there are some minor projects too, fixing some things that are broke, like the sink and the curtains and so forth.  Luckily–and I love saying this, I love the feeling–I know where all of my tools are and how to get to them.  I can do pretty much any project for which I have tools.
  Of course the simple things stump me, and that’s why I have people I can call.  The alternator went out of Detroit’s van last week.  Wednesday night, her boy took it to give someone a jumpstart.  I don’t know how or why, but the next day, the alternator was no good.  It ran the battery dead.
  We had it towed to the house.  The alt sits right on top, one of the smartest things Ford ever did.  I got it off easily and took it to Auto Zone to test it.  FAIL.  Yeah, and then the guy went to the counter to look up how much one is for me, because I’m a sucker who pays regular price in shit.  One hundred forty-nine dollars.
  I said, "I need to check with the wife."  Actually that was just an excuse, because I was not going to buy a new one.  Saturday I called a junk yard and they said they had it for 20 bucks if I bring in the old one.  Hell yeah I’ll bring in the old one.  I don’t need ANOTHER large greasy paperweight that rolls off my desk.
  It was a fun day at the junk yard.  I took Detroit and she enjoyed the carnival-like atmosphere.  Nothing brightens my day like going to the junk yard, I’ll tell you that.
  Monday I finally got the new alt in the van, because Sunday, as per Detroit, I tore out the fireplace.  I had to call my cousin and get the number to the mechanic he knows and call him and ask him a question (about the alt) and have him talk me through it, but it went super smooth.  Now, on to bigger and better things.

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