We Don’t need No–

October 19, 2009 at 3:12 PM | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments
  I just did the math, and it’s a little scary.  It’s amazing how far 2900 doesn’t go.
  I had a loan on my 401k, and it was just paid off.  It was automatically paid out of my paycheck.  I figured that I was already used to not having that money, so why not get a new loan, because I had some things to buy. 
  The max I could get was 2900 bones, so that’s what I took.  I got the money deposited Friday, and this morning I look at my account.
  I have 900 dollars left.  Fuck me, where did it go?  Well, the biggest part of it was actually yesterday when me and the ol lady bought a new bed.  One of the things I lost in the divorce (Aside from my…crap, I can’t really think of anything funny at the moment.  Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  But you know how I think.  It would be something funny and ironic, yet poignant, because that’s exactly how I am.) was the King-size bed.
  I’ve been in a queen for these past three years and let me tell you, sharing a bed with Detroit is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  She hogs the covers, and the bed.  She takes the middle.  She tosses and turns alot, and she snores.  She gets hot and whips the covers off of both her AND me.  She wants sex all the time, no matter how tired I am, or how unattractive and bloated I feel.
  She won’t even make the bed in the morning, but that’s another complaint entirely.
  But I like a king bed.  I’ve had one since high school, essentially, when my parents passed their old one down to me.  A king is nice.  Lots o space.  No more of that icky touching and sharing and crap.
  We went to some store that sells beds–Mattresses and More, or some such crap–and the fine young homosexual salesman made us a deal.  The bed was 2100 dollars ("Compare at 2699!" whatever that means) but we worked a deal that involved me stripping at a party for him and we got it down to 1200.  With delivery and so forth, about 14 medium-sized ones.  If a grand is a big one, and 14 big ones is 14 grand, then maybe 14 little ones is 140 dollars, and 14 medium sized ones is 1400.  See, I just–never mind.  It was funnier in my head and there are more of us in here than there are of you out there.

  So that’s a good half of the money.  The rest I still have most of, but maybe I need to pay a bill or something.  Ugh.  Oh, I did spend some of it on the lumber and hardware, and started building in the basement.  The plans are, redo a wall in the bathroom to add a shower, add a wall to Alex’s room to cut out a small section for a storage room, and build the walls for Brandon’s room.  So far, I have Brandon’s walls framed up.  I need to add the wiring, and then we can drywall.  Detroit, meanwhile, painted the living room again, re-enforcing the belief I have that someday soon she will tire of me.  Either that, or she’ll want to slap a couple of coats of paint on me, like she did the living room walls.
  Anyway, that’s where the title came from.  Pink Floyd’s "The Wall."


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  1. ROFL, when\’s the party? I don\’t want to miss THAT for the world! Tell Kim I said HI!!!

  2. Wait!Go back to the part about the medium sized ones, I don\’t think I followed.

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