TheThree Bears

October 25, 2009 at 6:30 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  This Bed is too hard.
  This bed is too soft.
  And this bed is just right–
  We had our new bed delivered last night, pretty exciting stuff.  Sunday we took a break from whatever the hell it was that we were doing and went to the bed store.  I told this story already.  I looked over it, and reviewed the three paragraphs, wondering if I could add to the story somehow.  The verdict?
  Not really.  Reading a about someone shopping for a bed has to be slightly less interesting than the actual bed shopping itself, which is a complete drag and it made me feel both sleepy and ironic.
  Nonetheless we paid and arranged for delivery, which would be Wednesday evening between 630 pm and 930 pm.  I thought that was kinda late but it was their window, not mine.  The gentlemen showed up around 830, and it was point and grunt to show them where we wanted the bed because they no habla the Englis.
  It’s a purty nice bed.  A king, like I said.  I like having the room, although I get the feeling that Detroit wants to cover it with pillows and chiffon and stuffed animals and crap like that.  She is such a girl.  We…tried the bed out…and then went to sleep.  It was very quiet, as well.  No squeaking, no creaking, and very little moaning.  Maybe I’m off my game.
  I was enormously comfortable.  I woke up with no aches, which is always a plus.  Alex took our old bed, and his old bed we (and by we I mean they because I wasn’t there) moved it into Miranda’s room-slash- the guest room.
  Detroit had finished painting the living room several days ago, and now the furniture is arranged more or less the way she wants it, I think.  It’s starting to come together.
  No, I still haven’t fixed the sink.

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