While We’re At It

October 25, 2009 at 7:05 PM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
I said *while we’re at it–*
  Miranda came to stay this weekend…she got bored and wanted to go home.  I took her back last night.  It’s not all circuses and kittens, I guess.  But that meant I had today free to work on some stuff.  A few days earlier…or maybe I week earlier–I framed up the wall for a room in the basement for Detroit’s oldest son.  It’s one thing to have an albatross around your neck; it’s quite another to give it room and board.
  I framed up the walls, and today I finally wired it.  The electrical in this house is a little comical.  I think part of it has to do with the job earlier in the year.  In March, I think, we had a new circuit breaker box installed for the house to pass code.  It’s all well and good now, but the fucker just hooked the wires up however he felt like it.
  And they weren’t terribly logical to begin with.  I spent over an hour last week mapping the breakers.  I had a light, a couple of testers, and some ibuprofen.  I turned off one breaker at a time, and then tracked down what turned off.  I had a couple of false starts and things so bizarre I didn’t believe it until I tried it a few times.  But it paid off, because now I know what breaker every outlet, light, fixture and miscellaneous electrical appendage goes to.
  The first project was a new front porch light.  We had purchased four matching carriage lights months ago, and now that it’s too late to take them back if something is wrong I finally put one up.  It didn’t work.  I tried several different possibilities, but the evidence pointed to the fixture itself.  Okay.  The next one I tried worked fine.
  The dream–and everyone has a dream of carriage lights, don’t you think?–was to have one on the front porch, two on either side of the garage door, and since we had four, the last one would be on the back porch.  Our dreams have some flexibility, however; we now decided that no one is going to see the back and the front at the same time.
  Then I wired the boy’s room.  Not too difficult–in fact, it was fun.  I like doing this kind of work.  After that one, I worked in Alex’s room, re-arranging some light fixtures and outlets and switches.  Oh My.  Wow.  Okay.  Except for the bathroom wall I need to tear out and rebuild, we are pretty much ready for drywall.  Alright.  We go and buy the drywall, and it is late afternoon but I’m still gung ho–but we get back and now it’s a little later, and I was going to make my baked potato soup. 
  So that’s where we are right now.  At least I’ve been doing stuff, I just ran out of time.  Now I’m waiting for soup.

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  1. and the soup was DE-LISH-OUS! mm mm good. Just like you.

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