Break Time Is Over

November 5, 2009 at 7:13 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Now the time has come for all good men who were working two jobs but now are working just one job to get up off of their collective asses and go out there into the jungle of the business world and find a new second job.
  And you better do it soon, mister, because you are running out of money fast.
  October has come and gone much like a pretty girlfriend that promised to fulfil all of your fantasies but bailed on you right when you were getting the jumper cables and the goat.
  I have a sense of loss, I guess.  And I guess this is natural.  Oh-by-the-way I have an appointment this week to see a psychiatrist to help determine if I really do have ADD.  I’m in the ebb period right now and therefore thinking that I don’t have it, but for all I know it could be worse now than a few weeks ago when I was going through a manic period.
  On the one hoof, maybe I do have it, but on the other, I’ve been dealing with it so long that I may have developed on my own a few ill-conceived methods to deal with it that are similar to what a doctor treating it might recommend.
  On still yet a third  hoof (the reason I went with hooves in the first place) I’ve been thinking about it almost constantly for several weeks, and so now I’m bored with it. 
  I started–and deleted–to enumerate all the many things I accomplished during the month.  The list seems depressingly short even though I know I actually did accomplish much.  But they are like the Spartans, compared to the Persians that are the many things I have yet to do.
  I swear to God, when I finish dry-walling, I’m going to scream, "THIS IS SPARTA!"
  My focus–if you can call it that–is narrowly beamed on no more than half a dozen or so different things.
  Finding a new part time job
  Getting the bills paid
  Finishing the basement
  Finishing the garage so we can use it for entertaining (need to have it done before Thanksgiving; I’ll explain why later)
  Doing a few things for my kids–surgery for my daughter, eye appointment and getting the truck running for my son, and spending some time with them.
  Oh, now I have to get my tax stuff together, and I have to get the thing going for the insurance money from my dad’s policy.  That’s going to be fun.  (In a "not" kind of way.)
  I’m entering a writing contest and I have someone editing a story for me so I can send it in.
  And finally, that thing with the gorilla.

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