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November 20, 2009 at 4:26 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  I must have missed something before, because Bunny said they have Sprint, and I could have sworn that they had someone else.  Until recently, of course, we had Verizon.
  It reached a point where it was going to be easier to switch companies than it would be to pay the bill.  We had already been without for three weeks, with no sign of them getting turned back on.  The idea came about easily.  In a casual manner, I said, "You know…we could just switch phone companies–" and worry about the consequences later.
  Out of exasperation at our circumstances, she agreed.  We did the ol online research thing, and decided to go with Sprint.  We had both had Sprint in the past, so this would be a good thing.  Right?
  Instead of doing it online, we went to the nearest store.  Bunny told me later that this particular unit is the busiest one not only in St Louis or the Midwest, but in the country.  This explains much about the service we received.
  We got our phones the first time we went in without much hassle.  Total time of about an hour, including wait time.  Detroit’s phone had a defective battery, so we brought it back a few days later to get another one.  That took about an hour, and 45 minutes of it was wait time.  While we were in there, an older woman was standing at a counter talking with a customer service specialist (or whatever ridiculous non-empowering corporate-speak label they are given) while also ON HER PHONE with Sprint Customer Service as well.
  You would think with all of this extra customer service help she was getting that her service would be excellent and her problem would be easily resolved and then they would all go out for ice cream.
  Yeah, that shit didn’t happen.  When we left, she was still talking to them and her granddaughter was talking to them also.
  That episode, among other things, was causing me to have some doubts.  I didn’t really care that much for my phone, either.  I have giant fingers and it has tiny buttons.  It lacked some features that I expected it should have.  There were other things that were more subjective, but it came down to me wondering if we could get out of this.
  Two blocks from the Sprint store was an AT&T store.  We stopped in, just to chat, and check it out.
  First of all it wasn’t over-crowded.  The lady came up and helped us, answered our questions and was very nice and helpful.  The only problem was the up-front price on the phones, which we did not want to deal with.  We thanked her and left.  We were going to check out deals online.
  I also talked to Sprint on the phone–I didn’t want to go in the store again–and explained and asked some questions.
  The bottom line was, since it had been less than thirty days, yes, we could cancel.  Okay, then.
  We ordered the phones Sunday, and they ship over night.  But not Sunday night.  We got them Tuesday.  Al’s phone is fine and Detroit’s is fine.  But mine?  Not fine.  I called AT&T.  The man suggested leaving it on the charger overnight, and then if it’s still a problem, they’ll replace it.
  The next day, it was still a problem.  The problem was, it wouldn’t power on.  Like, at all.  At first I thought the battery was not charged, but in the morning, before it darkened completely on me, it said, "Battery Full."   Which is an odd thing to be.  Full of what?  Crap?  It had powered on a few times last night, but today it would not.  In my professional opinion, there is a short somewhere.  You know, it is a refurb.
  I called AT&T that night, and I had to convince them that we had only had the phones for 2 days, not the two months that he was misreading.  After that was straightened out, it was no problem.  I opted for a brand new phone, a different phone, a different kind and style of phone.  Once bitten, twice shy, baby.
  The phone, she came overnight, yesterday.  I was all excited, for about two minutes. 
  You know, kids these days–they act bored and jaded, but they do get excited like puppies around new technology…or puppies.  But I’ve had so much telecom crap in the last two months that I was just done.  I have a signal?  Great.  I can make a call and a text?  Great.  I can set up to get my email?  Great…but ultimately it will be annoying.  I haven’t even set up my voice mail yet.  I don’t even know how yet.
  I sighed, put the phone aside, and returned to my laptop and the good ol fashioned intarwebs.

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