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  Detroit and I were in this restaurant where she seemed to know everyone.  But it was busy, so we left.  We cut around the back to the alley and went in through the employee entrance.  In there, behind the counter, was a private section that was for employees only.  It was a nice little diner, and we took a seat in a booth. The place was narrow, but there was a pool table next to us.  Jeff Bridges came in and took a stool at the pool table. 
  I got up to greet him and shake his hand, while thinking, *I hope I can find something for him to sign.*  I said, "I’m a big fan, sir."
  "Well, thanks, dude."
  "No, you’re the Dude."  He laughed at that.  I said, "Listen, this doesn’t look real comfortable here, would you like to join us?"
  He agreed to join us, but he said, "You know, I am a star, so I have some requirements."  I didn’t know what he meant, but when he came over, he made the people in the booth behind him, a group of young people, get up and leave.  He said, "Sorry, but I require at least a five foot distance from people that I’m not with.  You understand." 
  We chatted for a bit, and then Jeff said, "I was going to leave and go meet some people at a party.  Did you want to come with?"  We said sure, so he went to the front of the narrow diner and got in the driver’s seat.  As it turned out, we were in a mobile restaurant, and idea whose time I knew had come.
  We drove down the main drag carefully, but still clipped cars and buildings and the occasional daydreaming pedestrian.  Who doesn’t see a building driving down the steet, for crying out loud?  We arrived at the carnival, and lots of people were there who knew Jeff.
  We joined the group.  They were doing some kind of a cross between watersliding and four-wheeling in the mud.  It was fun.  Or at least it seemed like it;  my impression is that it wasn’t something we did, but something we had a memory of.  I wish we had actually done it, instead of just having the memory.  It was sort of like a "Total Recall" moment. 
  Jeff said, "Come, on, enjoy yourself–I paid alot for this."

  Sometimes dreams are fun.  Not like that one with the werewolves.

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