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December 19, 2009 at 10:22 PM | Posted in The Corporate World | Leave a comment
  I was in "the pit."  In fact, I had been there for a very long time.  Everyone else has moved at one time or another–participating in a giant game of chess.  Over three years I’ve been in the same spot, and that’s a long time for a place with temporary walls.
  All good things must end.  So, too, the mediocre and the unimportant.  Bosses decided they were going to get another person in the group of shippers, and wanted to keep them all together.  While I am part of the shipping department, technically I have nothing to do with them.  I am…a department unto myself.
  I hope that is something that looks good on a resume some day, like having my own militia, or inventing knew and creative ways to meditate.
  Of course, the day I was supposed to move, I wasn’t at work.  So they moved my computer without me.  And I got busted for having a flash drive, because nothing can be installed or whatever without IT’s approval.  So now, I don’t trust the guy who busted me.  And I also wonder if they snooped around on it.  There are no company files or property like that on it–I’m not a spy.  But there is the slightest bit of porn.  Really not much.  Just a few…homemade…keepsakes–
  So I came in Tuesday and moved.  People come by and ask how I like it.  It’s akin to standing up at a concert, and I see a different place to stand, so I walk over there.  And stand.  Someone comes up to me and says, "Does this get your face a plant?"
  "What?"  Remember, we’re at a loud concert.  Probably the Jonas Brothers.  They rock.
  "Is this a better place to stand?"
  Oh.  There’s no difference, and it’s nothing special.  My grade overall, for the move, the old cube, the new cube, and everyone’s comments on it?  I give it all a solid meh.


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