Radio Free Missouri Part 1

January 27, 2010 at 3:27 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  I’ve haven’t been here much lately, and now I’ll tell you the story, so siddown and shaddup.
  Like Barbara Walters once said,"I had this idea for a show–"  As you know, I am interested in all the myriad media.  I’ve wanted to do everything, from a cartoon strip to movie writing to stand up to mime.  Shields and Yarnell had a profound influence on me.
  A variety of factors came into play, and they all approached confluence in subtle and complex ways, like the first half a thousand-page Stephen King novel.
  My sister was in radio at the collegiate level, and now she has an radio show on the intarwebs.  Her friend Lou is the producer.  He has a studio and servers and everything.  Hang on to that background for a moment.
  Meanwhile, a few months ago, when I was looking for a job I would peruse Craiglist for jobs other than what I was searching, to see what was out there.  I applied for a few writing gigs, to see what would happen.  (So far, nothing.)  I also looked at the TV/media section.  One ad said it was looking for ideas to develop for your own internet radio show.  I hadn’t really thought about it before (unless I did and forgot), but I had just recently started a political blog. 
  And that was an idea I had had for a while.  This is how that happened:
  I work with a guy named Joe, and we do similar work–scanning.  So we have time to peruse the internet, and I’ve become a news junkie.  We email each other links to stories and add our own snarky analysis, from the conservative perspective.  I had been thinking for a while that I’d like to have a separate site to just do that–post news links and add commentary.  Finally, I started one.
  A woman I work with–Suzan–I became friends with, and there is a group of us at work that are connected.  Bunny was manager of the consumer loan department, and Suzan works there.  Suzan got the job through the same person Joe did, her sister Carrie.  Joe’s wife Sue (different Sue) had worked with Detroit before, and that’s how she got the job, because I knew Joe and that’s how they met and now they are friends too. 
  We are just one big-ass happy family. 
  Suzan is of the same political mind as we are–in fact, most of us in this group are.  She would send Joe and I stuff as well.  One day she came to me and said I should listen to these two different Internet radio shows.  Why?  Because they were crappy and boring, and I could do better.  We could do better.
  And thus the idea was born.  This was maybe November or something.  The end of October at the earliest.  We discussed it and looked into it, and I happened to mention it to my sister.  She informed me, "You know, Lou has been wanting you to do a show for some time."
  That’s interesting, because the last time I was on the air on a college show that my sister was helping out, I got several people on the show in trouble because of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  (A little thing I like to call "comedy."
  I did finally talk with him, and he said yeah, we should work together on a project.  That is such a Hollywood thing to say.
  Suzan and I worked on developing the idea, and then we took a meeting with Lou.  We had a theme–in the loosest sense of the word–and we were full of ideas.  We were ready.
  Meanwhile, I find out just how politically active she is.  She is involved with a few conservative groups and a TEA party group and Missouri Sovereignty group.  She mentioned our project to some people, word got around, and the next thing you know, we are invited to do some "comedy" for a local Republican group meeting.  O—kay.
  The timing for all of this became such that we had the "premier" of the radio show closely coinciding with the live event.  So I have both of these things going on.  The way the live event was sold, it would be the introduction of our new radio show, and they would be a test audience.
  I was working hard on creating material when I had a flash of brilliance.  I had re-written the lyrics to some Christmas songs with a political theme.  I had showed them to my daughter Miranda, who thought they were hysterical.  My daughter, I found out, is a terrific singer.  A natural.  I wanted to have her and some of her friends from choir sing the songs while I recorded them and put them on You-Tube.
  My brilliant idea?  Ha.  What happens next?

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