Radio Free Missouri Part 2

January 27, 2010 at 3:27 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  I was feeling like a real producer for the live event, and I felt like the radio show idea was taking off.  It was past "in development" and becoming a real thing.
  Saturday, January 16th, we were slated to record "Show 0" for the radio.  Show 0 would be the unaired pilot, the practice run.  There, in theory, we would work out all the kinks and devlop our voice and get used to equipment and become professional radio hosts, all in the span of two hours.
  Well, that didn’t happen.
  The becoming professional, I mean.  But we did do the show, and we had a good time.  We did have our bubble burst by the fact that, although regular shows on the radio can use bits and samples from songs, we on the internet radio can’t.  We all have to pay for it, and people on the real radio have listeners and advertisers and money–the three things we don’t have yet–things that allow them to do that.  Well, crap.  Ya know?
  We had intended to go through what we were going to do at the live event, but that didn’t happen.  This thing called show prep is elusive to me, and a mystery to Suzan.  This will come to us, I’m sure.  Or, I’m sure hopeful.
  The previous Sunday I had gone up to see my daughter, and talk to the grand daughters about being in my choir.  The "Radio Free Missouri Choir."  I had buy-in from six girls.  Daughter Miranda, grand-daughters Jessica, Samantha, and Dollinee, and a friend, Becca, and the daughter of my son Mike’s girlfriend, Catherine.  I think.  Things were looking good.  That was the 10th.
  On the 17th, I went up to practice with them.  I had three girls.  Miranda, Dollinee, and Becca.  All of these girls, except Jessica, are about 12 or 13 years old.  Jessica just turned 18.  The others were off with friends or whatever.  Okay.  Just because I said I was going to be there and they said they were going to be there doesn’t mean anyone has to show up.  But I figured with three of them, I could work, and then Thursday, pick them up and have them all practice in the car.
  While they were practicing, by the way, I noticed something.  My daughter can really sing.  She has a good voice, and knows how to use it.  She understands harmony and rhythm.  She was good.  The other two girls, quite frankly, were filler.  Of course Miranda gets this from her mother, who is also a singer.  At least my ex does something good with her mouth.
  Other things in the works:  I arranged to borrow a digital video camera to record the girls singing, and Alex had a friend who could loan us a PA system, through which Lou could record the audio.
  Monday, MLK-day, Suzan and I took a meeting in a coffee shop with the wireless laptoP to work on the show.  I’m not sure how much progress we made, except to scrap some parts that were already done.  We figured out in general what to do, and what the plan was for the next several days.
  I was writing material at a furious pace.  Quality?  Not sure, man.  Tuesday I arranged with the Big L for him to take my shift at Imo’s for Wednesday.  This turned out to be a good idea–I was wrapping up the material after midnight Wednesday night.  I had already arranged to be off from the bank both Thursday and Friday.  This was beginning to be alot of work for something that wasn’t going to get me paid.  Or laid.
  But I had the material done, I had the show.  Thursday morning I met with Suzan at a different coffee shop.  She was running behind, and I had time to sit there and go over the material and also write a poem about the coffee shop experience.
  We walked through the material, and it seemed good.  We’ll see.

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