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  I’ve had so much going on this last couple of weeks, and I’m going to have to talk about it all.  Probably in pieces.  I’ve learned–and then had it reinforced–how hard it really is to be creative and produce work.  When I don’t have a schedule or a specific agenda, the crap floweth from my well like an overflowing toilet:  it’s all over the place, it’s messy, there’s more crap than is possibly useful…and it stinks.
  But if I have project that I’ve committed to working on and promised several people I would participate in, there’s more pressure to create.  I’ve never encountered the phenomenon called "writer’s block."  I’ve heard some who have had it describe it as a faucet that just shuts off.
  If I had it, let’s just say…if the faucet was shut off, the pipes would burst and leak and it would come out anyway, and flood the house when no one was home.  I’ve flexed some different creative muscles the last couple of weeks and I’ve become a producer.  I’ve never before thought that the job of producer would fall into the realm of creative work, but it does.  It also–even more oddly to me–allowed me to use my restaurant management experience.  Producing is management.  And management requires creative thought.  No, really.
  It’s actually now that I can tell that my ADD medication is working, and thank God it’s time-released.  I still juggle 17 or 30 things in my brain, but I’m also able to keep the balls aloft, and sort them in the air and spin a couple of stacks of plates at the same time.
  I need to make a new appointment, and get a refill on my meds.  I have some stories that I plan to tell.  Here they are:
  Office Antics–yeah, shit going on in the office.  We’ll see how interesting it is.
  Radio Free Missouri–in several parts, about the radio show and the live event.
  Make that Missourah–my trip to the Boot-heel.
  That might be it.  Start here at the bottom and read them in order.  Oh, wait.  Also–Old Dog, New Tricks, which is about the new job at Three Jakes.  I hope to get to all of these this week.

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