What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

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  I had this idea for a show…

  The ideas have run together somewhat, and I’ve forgotten what I said and where and when I said it, if I said it at all.  So I hope I don’t repeat myself too much here, but some of the stories overlap.  My life is a complex tapestry of interwoven BS.
  So you know we have this radio show right?  For a long time it was in development…and technically it still is, until our first air date.
  This puppy is all mine, I guess.  But having other people involved helps keep me in line and keeps me focused and keeps me from losing sight of the goals.  I hope.
  I’ve done a lot of writing and planning and so forth for this, and occasionally I pause and wonder:  to what end?
  Well, we want to put this show on the air.  And by we I mean me and Suzan and Lou.  And by air I mean the Internet.  My concern, as someone who craves attention, is how do we know we have listeners?  How do we get listeners?  How does this turn into advertising revenue?
  We’ve recorded thus far three shows, and they get better every time.  The last one was even good enough to use.  However–
  We want to make a good first impression.  That’s why we did several takes of the first show.  Unlike on TV, we want to have a strong pilot.  Content-wise it was all there, and the production quality was up, as well as the broadcast quality and our chemistry.  But part of the whole experience is the theme music, used as an intro and as bumpers in and out of commercials or between segments.
  I know this is all very technical for you.
  When I was with the band in the Boot Heel, I casually mentioned that maybe they could do a theme for our show.  Okay.  Great idea, a death metal, in-your-face theme for a death-metal, in-your-face kind of talk show.  They said sure.
  But maybe I should have pressed.  If I had been smart and aggressive and motivated–instead of smart and lazy and non-confrontational–I would have pursued this when we were at the studio, writing the lyrics right there and getting them to rip the track then and there.
  But I didn’t.  And I mistook what Lou (our producer) said.  I thought he said he had something we could use.  As it turns out, he would have to create something.  SO either he takes a week or so to create something, or I give the band a week or so to create.
  And the problem stems from licensing issues, because we naively thought we could do what the pros do on the FM dial–use snippets of real songs.  We can’t.
  Even if you use a snippet, you still have to pay.  And they pay.  And it’s easy to figure out how much to pay on the air.  On the Internet radio, it’s a complex formula because they want to get every cent they can, the bastards.  And I had a theme song all picked out.
  I wanted to use "Beer for Breakfast," by the Replacements.
  That was my first choice, but the second choice was wide open, so why not use a real band and get something that I don’t need to pay for?  So now, the show is all ready to go but we don’t have a theme song.  Yet.  They’re working on it.  Drew the guitar player said that it could take anywhere from 2 two weeks to two months because he wants to "get it right."  Whatever.  I thought they would just jam, and record, then repeat.  Whatever sticks when it hits the wall is the theme.  Fucking artists and their "creative integrity" or whatever.  I cared about that at one time, when I could only create one thing every other month.
  Now I don’t even give a shit if someone steals from me, because I know I have plenty more where that came from–either my brain or my ass.

  So now, at least, we aren’t feeling rushed about creating for the show.  It gives us more time to learn and grow and share–or learn the radio business more, and do some production work while we wait for the the theme.  And when that is done, we will be ready to go.  I expect it in the next couple of weeks, so it may coincide with my birthday.  Yay.
  In the meantime, the website is up and I twitter all the time.  I recommend you check it out.  Right now.  Or else.
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