That’ll Learn ‘Em

March 10, 2010 at 9:28 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  Fresh off my trip to the psychiatrist, I head into The Three Jakes for work last night.
  How was the head doc?  Meh.  Fine.  The Doc himself had some surgery in December, and this is the first I’ve seen of him.  I like the guy, despite my initial hesitation over his treatment and care.
  Briefly, I kind of wanted more from him than just the medication.  However, I’ve since come to learn that with adult ADD–or AADD (and what if I was a recovering alcoholic mother in the auto club with ADD that worked for the department of Defense?  I would be AADHDAAMADDAAADOD)–there is such a broad spectrum of behavioral treatment that it is hard to narrow down for a single individual what would work.  Plus, the nature of it is such that figuring it out on your own is part of process, or so I surmise, with a little rationalization thrown in for good measure.
  But I told him I was happy with the dose, and it was working.  And the best way to tell that it’s working is by the days that I don’t take it–man, do I ever slide back into some bad habits.

  And thusly I rode into the sunset.  Er, actually, I was going east in the afternoon, so the sunset was on my shoulders.  You’d think that would make me happy…
  I start right off with some deliveries, so it was looking good.  I got to work about 45 minutes late because of the appointment, but I had arranged for that the previous day.  Still, I was shocked when I saw that suddenly it was 830.  Well, zippity do-dah and hot damn.  Time flies when you don’t give a shit.
   Brian was there for longer than necessary.  Who wants a job like this, really?  5a to 5p on a normal day, and at 9pm he was still there.  If I’m going to do that, I want a lot of money and daily blow jobs as part of the compensation package.  The DM was there briefly as well showing a new assistant around–some black dude named Mike.  Others assured me that he was cool to work with but we shall see. 
  I hope so.  Jessica was gone; she got moved to another store.  Do you see, now, what happens, when you fuck with me?  Do you see?  The moral of the story here is this:  Don’t fuck with me.  Something always happens to people when they fuck with me.
  She got promoted to GM at another store.


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