Not Meant For Love

March 14, 2010 at 1:20 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | 1 Comment
Using “producer-speak”, I was “in talks with” Domino’s Pizza.  I’m not especially happy at The Three Jakes, which is not a secret.  But the true identity of The Three Jakes is, I hope.  I learned after last time, after Domino’s had their corporate IT spies dig into my blog and learn all of my closely-guarded secrets that lay out in the open, that discretion is a way to lie for noble cause–although I had perverted the true meaning of discretion for my own purposes.
So I thought I might see if I could return to Domino’s, as a driver.  I talked to Mike, who talked to Sam.  I talked to Sam, and Sam talked to Tom, the DM.  Tom blew me off for a couple of days–maybe he was trying to get work back himself.  Finally, Tom called me back.  In a nutshell, I am on the very short and exclusive list of people that are ineligible for rehire.  “–What with everything that went on–” Tom said.
Meaning, what I wrote about right here that they found out about.  How dare they spy on me by reading what I have written in secret and posted for everyone to read on the intarwebs.  How dare they!
Well, I did plan on using an alias for the place, and I will wherever I go to.  At.  There are many different places I can go, in theory.  What are they?
Well, scratch that Domino’s franchise.
But there is another franchise, the one I had worked at for so many, many years.
I could look into Papa John’s.
I could look into Pizza Hut.  Never worked there before–it could be interesting.
Imo’s I’ve done–I could check other locations.
There’s also a place called Cecil Whittaker’s.  Kind of a poor man’s Imo’s.  It’s worth checking out.
There’s a place that delivers steak.  I forget the name.
There might be other pizza places as well.  These are just the big chains.
There’s also Chinese.

There are other options as well.  Besides just delivering food, I mean.  I could look back into the courier thing.  I need to get back and scour craigslist again, and troll for jobs and transsexuals.
There was also a job as a doorman that I saw…

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  1. I have boycotted Dominos for you.Jerks.

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