The Call Of The Wild

March 23, 2010 at 10:41 PM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
  Poor Mac-Mac has been gone for almost three months now.  We knew we wanted to get another dog, but I didn’t want to get one right away.  "Maybe in the Spring," I said.
  Of course, I didn’t realize that Detroit was chomping at the bit to get another dog.
  She came home from bringing her mom back from Michigan, and she’s off on Spring Break.  What to do, what to do?  Well, how about search the web and send me pictures of doggies that are up for adoption?
  Truthfully, I guess I was ready as well.  I was not a dog person before I met Mac, as you *know*.  Now, however, I get them.  I was ready.  The first day she started sending me pictures–hell, the first dog she sent me–and I was sold.  We met that day at the Humane Society after I got off work.
  We met the dog, we went to the private room to get to know him, and then we filled out the paperwork and paid, and took him home.
  His name is Bear, and the paperwork says he is a "Great Pyrenees Mix."  "Mixed with what?" you ask.  "We don’t know exactly," we answer.  "But it looks like wolf."
  I can’t post pictures from this website, but go there and look at them and see what a Pyrenees looks like.  And then look at Bear.  Bear has shorter hair, a longer snout, and different ears.  But he has other Pyrenees traits.  You know, it is odd to me to think that ALL dogs–from the tiny chihuahua to the St Bernard–are just domesticated wolves after hundreds of generations of breeding.
  Bear is about a year old, they told us, so he’s just a big puppy.  He’s surprisingly well-trained already.  House-trained, of course.  And he responds well to some commands, and he walks okay.  We have to work on some of these, but again, he’s just a puppy. 
  I took him for a ride the other day in my Mercedes.  Up on the nice leather interior he goes.  Actually, at first he went in on the floor in the front, but he moved around alot.  By and large he stayed in the passenger seat, though.  He was a good boy, and he enjoyed the ride.  I’m going to have to make a few rules for him in the car.  Let’s see:
  No Drooling
  No Peeing
  Don’t change my stations
  Don’t lick the mirror.
  Come to think of it, those shouldn’t be just for the dog, but for anyone who rides in the car.
  But we are getting to know him, and he is getting to know us and getting used to us.  I’ve watched some Dog Whisperer, and I’ve done some reading, so I feel like I have a better understanding than Ihave in the past.  So far he seems like a great dog–loyal to us instantly, friendly, and fairly quiet.  He was initially scared of the cat, but they have an uneasy truce currently.  He is less afraid of him, and showed his balls (figuratively, because they be gone) when he felt the need to protect his food dish from the cat.  The cat seems used to him now, but probably preferred it when the dog was scared of him.
  Dogs are pack animals, and we are his pack now.  And I get that now.  That’s why he follows me everywhere I walk in the house.  He looks to see where I’m going so he can follow me there, but he walks in front of me so he can get there first.  That shit is going to stop.  Last night he followed me to the bathroom and he had his head in the toilet before I get there to get my pants down to pee.
  He is friendly, and loves having his belly rubbed.  He likes to join us up on the couch.  I’m fine with that, except when he comes back in from being outside and he’s soaking wet, and wants to get up there.  I’m working on this.  He’s a big change from Mac in that he has so much puppy energy.  He can run up and down the steps with ease.  He has such long legs, and a long body, too.  He really does seem to be part wolf in his body and head.
  But he’s a gentle, playful pup.  I’m going to stay on his training to make sure he stays a good dog.  I can’t wait for the chance to take him out to the country to see my brother’s farm, and let him run.

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  1. and if he runs, he\’ll just run away. He\’s NOT Mac, sweetheart, and it\’s not in his nature to do what we want just because we say.

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