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June 17, 2010 at 8:41 PM | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment
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I had no internet at home for a few days.  And at work, I’m using the force of my will alone to avoid getting on the Internet at work.  It’s been five days, and I haven’t clicked on it once.  Maybe not having it at home has made it easier…but eventually I’m going to have to log on somewhere and pay my bills.
Technology is an addiction.  Back in the day when I had the internet, I read about that on some blogs.  And listening to the radio the other day, I heard someone talk about it.  There are some YouTube videos as well about survival.
There is a movement–I’m not sure what you’d call them.  Luddites, maybe?  Trying to detox and separate themselves from the technology overload in our society.  As I sat in front of the TV watching just regular satellite because we couldn’t stream the Netflix, and at the same time I texted with my phone, I considered it.  No more tech…A simpler way of life.  I should post something on Facebook about it.
I could do it.  I’m sure I could.  I’m made of that stuff–what do you call it?–The pioneering spirit.  I had watched a special on the history channel about it.   Disconnect everything–the satellite, the cell phones, the internet.  Just give me a stack of papers and pens so I can write, and an ax to grind.  I’ll fill my time.  Or a chisel and some rock–I’ll start at the deep end. 

At first, I had resolve.  But then they turned it back on, and I plugged the cable directly into my vein.  Maybe I should get wireless?

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