Is This The Real Life?

November 20, 2010 at 9:49 PM | Posted in The Corporate World | Leave a comment

Is this just fantasy?

I went over to the FHA Department to pick up some files to work on.  I have my own shit, but I try to help them when I can.  Janet gave me a tub of files, and as I walked around the corner I was following Kim.  Crystal was behind me, and she stopped at a file cabinet.  Crystal is a cute black girl.  She has long hair with big curls, not the standard tight weave.  I was only acquainted with her, but we have chatted a bit.
Crystal calls to Kim.  “Before you run off–Kim–what should I do with these files here?”
Feeling sassy, Kim turns to her and says, “Bend over and I’ll show you where you can put those files.”  Then Kim laughed and turned and kept walking away.
Crystal–a sassy little tart herself–turned around on hearing Kim, and slowly bent over, and then she slowly, seductively shook her ass.
And she had a nice ass, too.  It might even be considered small for a black girl.  For a white girl, it was full and firm and round, and not too big.  It was shaped nicely.  I wanted to jump right behind her and smack that ass.  Instead, I just stared right at it.
Crystal straightened up and turned around, and was startled to see me standing there.  She smiled and blushed purple as she said, “Oh–I–Uh, I thought Kim was standing there…”
I said simply, “No, she isn’t.  But thank you.”


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