Hot Or Not?

January 10, 2011 at 10:19 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
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Geez, I got a list here, of stories I need to tell.  Let’s start with this one, because it’s more or less the oldest…

About a month ago, on a Sunday night, I’m delivering.  On the last of a three-stop, I go to this apartment.  The apartment is K, on the third floor.  People who live on the first floor rarely order for delivery, I’ve noticed.
Right after I knock on the door, a guy and girl in their early twenties come out–not for the pizza, but to smoke on the balcony.  Okay.  But they leave the door open, so I see the girl who is going to pay come from around the corner and walk toward me.
Out of my line of sight, I hear another female’s voice.  “Is he hot?”
The girl turns with an exasperated gesture and says, “NO!”
Then she turns and walks towards me, but didn’t seem to make the connection that I did.  Before she gets to me, I said, “No, I’m really not.  Not at all.”
The couple on the balcony laugh quietly, and the girl turns beet red, and stammers some excuse about how it wasn’t what I thought, but she gave up.  The unseen girl in the apartment had heard it all as well, and she yelled out, “You better tip him good!”
I said, “Now, I heard that.”
She’s still flummoxed as she fills out the credit card slip, and gives me a five dollar tip.  Meh, what’s my pride worth, anyway?  Three bucks and the change?
I guess I came out ahead then.


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