Cyclone Weather

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This is a short story, so I have some space for commentary.  This is something I wrote a while back when a large number of people left my company for another.  At least that was voluntary; just a few months ago we had a large layoff.  Of the 50 people on my floor, only 33 are left.  It was like the rapture, in a way.  I don’t blame the company; they did what they had to do given the circumstances, and they did everything else they could before this happened.
I’m only going to say this once:  I think the OWS movement is wrong, and ultimately misguided and will only lead to more ruin.
I work at a small bank.  Yet, we do more business than the larger ones in terms of mortgage business in this area, and then we sell most of our loans to the larger ones.  We have been fairly solvent and did not need the government bailout.  However–
In order to stay competitive with the ones that did take it, we were forced to take it as a logical business strategy.  Then the fine print was revealed:  now that we have you hooked, you have to do things our way.
The guiding principle behind OWS is that the big banks are evil and corporations are evil.  At the heart of it is a looming communistic ideology (take a long hard look at the organizations backing it) that wants to destroy capitalism.
Capitalism is not “evil,” nor are most corporations.  As a conservative, I am generally against most regulation.  However, I’m actually more of a libertarian, which is just a conservative with loose morals.  I’m trying to be reasonable and logical.  There is a right way to do things.
We can’t have large, powerful companies doing whatever they want with nothing to rein them in–that’s suicide.
And just as ridiculous is the notion that government can do anything constructive and useful.  Riddle me this, Batman–has the government ever actually FIXED something, and made it better?  When laws are put into place that place arbitrary restrictions on some companies, but not on others, it is obvious that there is corruption and favoritism going on.  Any new laws, new rules, or new regulations will do the same.  Is there a logical reason for small companies being restricted from doing certain things, other than the fact that the larger ones don’t want them to, and they have the money to buy Congressmen to make it happen?
If you think the government is the answer, you’re asking the wrong fucking questions.
Occupy Wall Street should really be “Occupy Washington.”  That’s where the goddamn problem is.  Taking money from the rich will only frustrate you, because they will find a new way to make it.  Meanwhile, if it’s taken from them, will it go to the poor?  No–no it won’t, Einstein.  It will go to the House (i.e., the Government), because the House ALWAYS gets their cut.  You are completely delusional if you think it’s going to be any other way.
Go ahead and vote for Bread and Circuses for yourselves, and see what actually happens.  See how much bread you really get, and who is going to be working in the circus–and how much it is really going to cost you.
But this story is about something else entirely.

  The dark and the rain only compounded the confusion.  The giant ship seemed small as it tilted away from the iceberg.  Survivors were running and screaming, scrambling for the sparsely numbered life boats.  A few, a lucky few, had escaped in the skiffs before the storm, which was sometime between the pirate attack and being chased by the sea monster.   
  The captain yelled above the fray, trying to maintain order.  His voice was unheard before the din.  Lightning crackled in the sky, and illuminated the ominous wall of ice that all but supported the ship, the SS Mortgage Division.
  A loud horn sounded, and everyone turned to see another ship, dropping anchor and prepared to help.  Or was it?  The Jolly Roger whipped in the wind from its highest mast, and a voice over a bullhorn called to them, “Join us or die!  We can save you!  Bring your rolodex and your documents!”
  A swarm heeded the call, and the doomed captain tried to call them back.  “Don’t go!  It’s a trap!  The market is too volatile!” he yelled in vain as one after another the passengers and crew jumped in the water and began to swim.  Some made it…and some were eaten by sharks.  Others were scooped out of the water by rabid polar bears.
  In the end, after the storm had died down to a drizzle, the pirate ship had sailed on, and only dozen or so were left.  Bryan numbered among them, and he counted himself lucky.  Here he was, in the captain’s boat.  Safe, secure.  Homefree–
  “Water!  We’re takin water over the side, captain!”  Panic spread through out the small boat quickly.  Thinking quickly, the captain made a decision.
  “We need to lighten the load!”  The captain pointed at Bryan.  “You!  Come here!”
  Anxious to please the captain, Bryan hopped up quickly.  “Yes, Captain?”
  The Captain unceremoniously pushed Bryan over the side.  He then yelled, “Next!”
  Bryan tread water, shivering, as the skiff floated away.  The other passengers on the boat wished him well.  “Good luck!”  “Hang in there!”  and “We really appreciate this!”  They floated off to the mythical land of job security and 401k growth.
  As the boat shrank from his sight, Bryan reflected that he should never have quit his last job delivering pizza.



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  1. Another good story. Companies really have gotten more desperate in the last ten years. And they were pretty hard to begin with, office politics and all.

  2. My conservative friends love me… we can discuss everything under the sun as long as they don’t think Sarah Palin is smart or Rick Perry is cute, or something like that.

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