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This is Flash for Chuck’s site. This week was actually just this weekend, he wanted 100 words on bullying. I posted on there earlier a link to my story “Visceral,” telling him I already wrote a bullying piece. That was actually for the challenge on revenge, but when you read it, you’ll know. I accused him of trying to bully another piece out of me.
I guess he got it.

I see you.
What a pussy.  You’re weak.
God, you’re so tiny and frail.  I hate weakness.  You have to strong.  My dad says so.  He made me-
He made me strong.  See my scars?
Oh, big deal, so you’re smart.  That won’t protect you.  It’s gonna be worth detention to smear your face into the lockers.
Then I’ll have respect.
Then the others won’t look at me like that.
Your friends can’t protect you, either.  Your friends are weak, asthmatic little bitches, too.
I sit alone in detention, feeling my power.  I love it.
I’ll never admit it’s lonely.



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This is another in the series of flash fiction from Chuck Wendig’s site “Terrible Minds.” The theme this week was to write something about revenge. But only 100 words. This, too, is a true story. I can’t believe how hard I am hitting the keyboard right now. I want to scream. To find out the details and read more entries, go to his website:
Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words On The Subject of Revenge

I was lying in the gravel in a fetal position.   John kicked me after he beat me down.  “Fucking pussy.”  Disgust in his voice.
Appeasement didn’t work.  “I—I think you’re cool, man.” He punched me.
John had been gunning for me all summer.  Taunting, ridiculing.  Terrorizing our small, peaceful town.  Now I was scared to go outside.
He stole my friend’s girlfriend and bullied everyone.   We hated him.  Instinctively, he found the weak one to take it out on.
Crying, bleeding and bruised, I was alone now.  My friends left, embarrassed and scared.
I want to kill him.

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